Hello Superstar!

Whoo hooo! Time to set your intentions for an amazing year ahead! 2019 You are Awesome!

Of course it’s great to celebrate your wonderful success and achievements of the past year. As a Soul-Conscious entrepreneur you would expect to be moving towards your highest potential in order to give of your best to your clients and for your own fulfilment. Well done you!!

But before we move forward, first let’s take a look back at 2018 and ask yourself some important questions.

So what didn’t you manage to achieve last year?

What opportunities did you miss out on?

Who were you BEing during all that time?

And what kind of YOU will you create for 2019?

What adventures will you have?

What kind of places will you visit?

Who will you meet that will make your head spin with inspiration and your heart beat with passion?

…. A mentor …  A lover …  A singer … A new client….?

What kind of business will you be evolving?

What kind of income will you earn?


This is not a time for wishing and wanting – it’s about being intentional with creating and allowing your desires and goals to come to reality.

It s about putting a line in the sand and stepping forward into the future that has meaning and fulfilment for your life and for the people you care about and those you love to serve.

It’s about the Why you are here!

Are you are giving yourself permission to bring those audacious goals and desires into your life?

Deep down inside you already know who you want to become.

An awesome soul-conscious entrepreneur?

An inspirational leader?

An amazing lover or friend?

A super, soul-conscious  creative?


To dare to dream – To dare to take action!

At the beginning of 2018 I made the suggestion that the we “Break the Routine for Success 2018!” and do things differently to get a different result in our lives.

I took a look at my life and made a decision that I no longer wanted to stay in the state of fear and being the “Prison Waif” – I took bold leaps and was granted 2 trips in the land that I love – California! Instead of sitting and wishing and saying that I want to live there – I made a decision to go find out how it would be.

In February I started working alongside my clients who were working through my Business SoulShift Principles in my Masterclasses and, then later, the Inner Circle. I really embodied the principles into my life instead of just teaching it as I was doing with my private clients.

The outcome was more self-esteem, confidence, trusting the Universe and collapsing my “imposter syndrome”!

I took a leap of faith and went on my adventure to discover if my dream of having “a 5 bedroom house overlooking water in California” was even possible – Would I truly love to have that in my life – would it work out?

I put out an intention to be in California for my 60th birthday.

And ended up going out not once but twice! With 5 months touring and living in and around LA, San Diego and Tempe in Arizona.

I had a couple of scary moments at the beginning, where I didn’t know my next move. I was practically forced to do some heavy duty healing around my money blocks and self-worth. And money showed up in miraculous ways  – I was offered no cost accommodation; I made some valuable connections and fab new friends. I had emotional clearing and healing sessions, I had times of facing my truth and seeing for myself how the land lies.

The value of this adventure for me is that I really began to know, without doubt, that I am enough – I am loved – I am useful and I am wanted. Over the years I had discovered that these were my inner-child blocks that were imprinted in my subconscious and now had a chance to be cleared.

I could only have seen all this clearly by stretching the boundaries of my comfort zone and really going for something audacious. And trusting that it is “a done deal” – Magic happens!


So what big dream are you holding back on for your life?

What’s going on for you with your hearts desires?

What are you working for?

What do you want to see happen in the world?

What impact will you make?

What do you want to be known for?

What legacy do you want to leave?

Is this the year you live your life on purpose?

What does it take?

It takes setting up your plan for 2019 for success from the get go. It takes embodying a new way of being and taking on my success habits (Business Soulshift Principles)  to step by step shift your mindset and perspective of who you are and how this world works – and you can make it work for you and the people you serve.

A Course In Miracles  states that “…a miracle is a shift in perspective…” to one that causes a new vision.

When you have a new vision – You create a new feeling – You have new behaviour

You new behaviour will bring you new results.

New results can cause a new experience…. of adventure – love – freedom – fulfilment –meaningful work and abundance!

Let’s make 2019 the year that you shift into irresistible success!

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The participants are now enjoying miraculous results. Writing books – doing video – hosting podcasts – speaking internationally – sharing their message. Resulting in –  New homes – better, more fulfilling relationships – more income – more clients – travel – meaningful adventure!!!

All from making a decision to shift from mediocre – go for their hearts desires and live purposefully!

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With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x

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