Hello Business Lover!

Since the beginning of January I’ve been dipping away from the world for while. I had this intense feeling of wanting to take a step back, reassessing and realigning with who I am and where I want to go with my life.

After returning from my adventure and taking the huge leap of faith last year, spending 5 months in Los Angeles and San Diego exploring my dream and the idea of how it would be to live there instead of sitting in the UK wishing and hoping that one day it would happen; it made me realise that we human beings can make possible anything we want for our lives.

It was an exciting, intense adventure – moving from one place to another – while still working with my clients online; making sure they had my attention as well as keeping in touch with family, friends and new contacts.

Yes it was challenging at times! I did however, make sure that I took time out to explore and absorb the beauty of the diverse areas, the sea, the flora and fauna, the architecture and the people.  I truly connected with my joy and bliss. I felt so alive and free!


Now that I’m back with new thoughts ideas, inspiration, plans and possibilities I had to take some time out to make sense of it all and take control. Otherwise I would be hurtling forward in a direction that I no longer wanted to go or committed to – and taking my clients with me!

I took January’s new 2019 energy of New Beginnings as a chance to reconnect with my purpose and refocus my vision for my life. What do I really truly want now that I’ve seen how the land lies?

I learnt so much more about manifesting, inner power, achievement, confidence, tenacity, perception and potential to bring to my coaching practice and my programmes that I needed some time in the “wilderness” to fathom things out.

And that’s OK! – The old me would have made myself “bad” for taking the time out because we are taught that as business owners we are meant to hustle and grind to make things happen and be successful.

However, according to Robin Sharma and his latest book –The 5 am Club” – he suggests that the most productive and creative people in the world are those who work more like sprinters than marathon runners. It’s OK to have Seasons in The Wilderness and Seasons in The World.

You want to be able to go all in at the start of any project or task to get momentum, bringing your genius to do world class work with focus.  Then take time out properly to recuperate, refuel and enjoy your life. Ready to come back again for another focused period.

So you spend time in the world – doing 3D things; then spend time out in the “wilderness”, connecting with yourself; completely away from the stresses of social media, pressures of staff and meeting self inflicted deadlines etc.

(Even Jesus thought it was a good idea!)

Then, when you are ready, come back and focus again.

It’s good for your emotional wellbeing as well as your body. No need to feel any guilt – know that you are taking care of your needs first before you can take care of others. You cannot give what you ain’t got!

You can even practice guilt-free “wilderness time” on a day to day basis – Have 5 hours of highly productive, focused time (as Robin Sharma suggests) – then take the rest of the day off to do some hard-play or relax knowing you have done your best work. Instead of doing unsatisfying, half-hearted work because you are exhausted from not taking time out.

You can give yourself permission to do this because it is your business, after all and what’s the point of having autonomy as your own boss if you can’t set your own time table.

If you want to be in the game for a long time then you want be extraordinary – so be prepared to do what the ordinary are not prepared to do. It will pay off – Trust me!

So now that I’m back with you – raring to go, you will soon see the new ideas, changes and improvements to my offerings, training, groups and private V.I.P. work, that I have been working on – just for you.


So it’s OK to have your “season in the wilderness” – Remember you are genius, beautiful, special and deserve to be loved – so love yourself first by taking care of you! 

With Love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x


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With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x

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