Hello Superstar!

Why do you work?

Yes really? Why do you get up in the morning and set out to do your business?

Is it just to pay the bills and have holidays?

Is it just to make sure you are secure in your retirement?

Is it because you have no other option but to be self-employed because you have had enough of building someone else’s empire?

Here is something for you to think about.

As business owners we are in an extremely privileged position in these extraordinary times. As such, as a collective and as individuals, we have so much power in our ability to change the world. You and I can make a difference just by loving what we do and doing what we love.

Let me explain what I’m on about  – Back in the day, you would be educated just enough to go out into the world, get a job, do that job for 40 years, retire and live on less than what you couldn’t live on while you were working that 9 to 5.

You had your 2 weeks holiday a year and saved up for Christmas and to pay off your credit card bills at the end of January.

Nowadays, for the majority of people, this system has turned out to be completely unsustainable and unreliable. (That’s a story for another time).

We appeared to be only focused on our immediate needs and wants – just be able to survive and have a bit of a life.


However, today with the technology and information available to us, it is possible for anyone with basic education to have a business, where you love what you do, and that can be operated with a local and/or global reach.

Owning a business can give you the ability and capacity to earn unlimited income. As an employee, no matter how high you climbed the career ladder your income would be capped by the people who own that business.

The ability to generate unlimited income gives you more choices. Once your lifestyle needs, and business running costs are taken care of you can choose to use the overflow for causes that are dear to your heart.  You can cause change in the world by supporting charities and movements in line with your heart and vision for the world. You could even set up your own charitable ventures.

(Are you following me so far?)


The other side of being a business owner is that you can do what you love –  that thing that pleases your heart, lights you up and directly touches and impacts the people you want to serve.

Let’s say you are an interior designer, for example; for you it’s not just a matter of slapping a coat of paint on the wall. You are creating a beautiful environment for your clients to call their home, feel safe, secure and loved. A place where they can create their stories. By doing that you are expressing your love through your natural talents and divine gifts.

If you massage peoples feet as a reflexologist  – you not only relieve pain and dis-ease in the body, you also pour your love and care into what you do and you make that person feel a million dollars when they leave you – they won’t forget their experience with you.

If you are writing songs, you write them from the heart of your own experiences, your own pain, your own love.  When you sing you touch someone’s soul, their pain or joy.

Whatever you choose to do in your business make sure that it is the thing you love to do. This love will reflect out into your work. You will serve your clients from your heart, authentically and with integrity.  When I say “serve” it’s not about being small and in “servitude”, it’s about giving of your best, doing work that you are proud to put your name to and make your people matter.

Not only will your clients not forget how you made them feel, the work will be such a joy for you that you want to do it over again and bigger and better!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  – Maya Angelou


It has been said that the reason the world is in such a state is because we are causing it to be that way with our lack of giving, lack of love and lack of compassion. We are focusing too much on our own individual lack, when essentially, we lack nothing.

As Tony Robbins pointed out, even if we are living on the streets, someone has built the streets for us to live on; rain falls from the sky for us to have water, and the sun shines for our warmth. Even with a few pence gathered there are shops or cafes we can go get some food that someone has already prepared. Yes things may be uncomfortable for you right now however; we are not living in a war zone or watching our children starve. We have options. We can be grateful! Anything is possible!

My line of thought is – When I express my love in my business, do the best work I can, I make sure I connect with your concerns, your vision and hearts desires. When I help you to be the best at what you do as a business owner (which is why I work), I help you to feel amazing about your life, who you are, how you matter. That feeling then ripples out from you to make your customers feel fabulous. They feel good about themselves and then they in turn touch the community in which they live with their loved-up feelings – then that ripples out to the country – and then out into the world.

Just imagine if we all did this, as a business community, collectively?  Each of us playing our small part individually can have an enormous ripple effect as one. Not only with our pooled knowledge but also with our love energy and money energy, we could even access resources that would be impossible to reach on our own.

There would be no more fear or wars, only love and compassion, all because we decide to make our business more than just a money making operation and keeping the fruits of our labour all to ourselves.

Imagine neighbourhoods and communities where love is the way. Imagine governments and nations where love is the way. Imagine business and commerce when love is the way. Imagine this tired old world when love is the way.

Bishop Michael Curry

To make this happen it might involve you making a few changes to your thinking, attitude, habits, commitments and associations.

Change can feel scary – I know! However, as Einstein once said “The height of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result “

So change is necessary. Then how do you change?

  • First task is to reconnect your heart with your big, audacious vision.
  • Be clear that your work is worthy of more than just the money.
  • Show up authentically – be the real, lovable you, the you that you are born to be – perfectly imperfect, loving, compassionate, excellent, amazingly gifted you.
  • Do your best work , with love, care, pride and passion – every time – no matter what!
  • Have a cause in mind that will help to make a difference in the world and find a way to support it.
  • Know why you work!

And you can change the world!



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