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They are willing to make the changes necessary to create the life they really, truly want. WOMAN DANCING RED

They know that they have the ability to BE – DO – HAVE anything – however they also know that there is something in their way. And my greatest pleasure is to help them remove the blocks, and barriers and show them how to love, shine, fly, soar to their highest potential, doing it their way!!!!

See below, what my people are saying about their experience of working together with me.

If you too would like to move from confusion to clarity, from frustration to freedom, from STUCK to IRRESISTIBLE –  then come and play with me. 

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I was struggling to get clients and consistent messaging. I wasn’t able to have the financial freedom and much tension in my marriage and wanted to give up on my business.

In working through the principles, I have clarified my message and started attracting my ideal client, creating their ideal products, renamed products to make more compelling, created compelling copy and started making money.

Having others in the group for feedback and input from their experiences has been beneficial because I can learn from their experiences. I am growing and revising my commitment, desires and visions in the four short months I have been in the Inner Circle.

Using the 9 principles and working directly with Jennifer, has definitely impacted my business and shifted my business. I am actually feeling a soul connection to it now.

CORDELIA GAFFAR – Holistic Business Coach    


Before starting work with the lovely Jennifer, I was plodding along with my business and getting easily distracted, so not really seeing things through. For example, starting a project or programme or promotion and the getting bored or distracted. i was still “following” coaching. marketing systems I had previously learn, but knew inside they were no longer working for me or my business. I no longer felt aligned to theses methods, but wasn’t sure what the next best approach would be.

The Inner Circle and the Business SoulShift Principles are helping me to stay focused on what’s important. Jennifer has an easy, gentle, (and as myself and another lady on the course agreed) “Mama Bear” style – where you know you can go to her about anything and everything and she totally understands and doesn’t judge. I’ve found this to be very supportive.

The Group calls area great chance to connect with other like-minded business people. It’s a opportunity to share what we are going through in a safe place, get our questions answered, go through the Business SoulShift Principles and support each other.

LILLIAN LARTEY –  Wellness for Women in Business 



So after a bad experience with another coaching team that decided to cut links with me when I really needed them, Jen reached out to see how I was. I was not in a good place, but she was genuinely interested about my well being.

Once I felt a bit more on track, we met for a discovery session and  she gave me some great advice “ food for thought“. She really helped me to get on the road again. Then the Ignite Your Brilliance –Inner Circle came up (a part of her SoulShift program). This really helped me so much to give me direction and clarity on how to go about things, as overwhelm can easily happen these days in our super busy world.

The course really got deep to my core and really made me reaffirm that being a full time holistic health coach is still what I love more than anything. Now I have tools and support on how to make that happen with more ease and flow.

MARK STANBRIDGE – Holistic Health Coach 

I am very thankful for Jennifer’s’ coaching expertise. My situation at the start of our sessions was that I was having stressful challenges with my therapy business and this was affecting me negatively in terms of physical anxiety as well as my state of mind.

This was having a negative impact on my business and my personal life.

Working with Jennifer has transformed my life, notably how she advised me to be aware of my language,to buy into my own truth and to change my mindset. She was excellent in giving me tasks, which I enjoy doing, and keeping my mind focused on the call in order for me to gain maximum benefit..

Jennifer introduced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to me. Which means tapping the side of the hand, the meridian points on the face and affirming  ‘I am anxious’ and how feeling anxiety doesn’t serve me. We then going through the same tapping sequence and this time affirming “I feel calm, confident and in control.”  This helped me feel calmer, confident and in control.

Jennifer has given me valuable guidance in how to set up my therapy practice in order to make it more relaxing and conducive to giving Reflexology treatments, like using aromatherapy oils, candles and music. She also gave valuable coaching on how to offer packages. 

I would definitely recommend Jennifer  and I will continue to have coaching with her. 

DANIEL ANDERSON – Daniel Anderson Reflexologist 



The reason I like working with you Jennifer, is because you have always been able to ask me highly relevant and revealing questions in a gentle but assertive manner, that have enabled you to see how and where my business and my energy was stuck, without me necessarily being aware or conscious of a specific issue myself.  

Your ability to question and detect an issue, combined with your intuitive EFT method and approach to then resolve and release these energy blockages and/or hindering patterns (typically unseen and unrecognised) is amazing.

What creates the progress and breakthroughs for me, is part two of this unique ‘coaching process’. This is to not only come up with new ideas and aha’s, but with tapping also integrating those into new neurological pathways and patterns, and it is this integration that I believe has always resulted in breakthroughs for me.

For me this combination of conscious/intellectual and unconscious/neurological detection, releasing and recreation of a way forward, is what is unique in your coaching method. 

It is this, that has proved a great support and way forward for me, and has resulted in breakthroughs in energy and more or better actions, even if that was doing less, and which have improved my business results! 

Petra Lander – Interior Architect and Bitcoin Specialist 



I’ve been watching Jennifer social media for a while and really got to know and value her approach to business.  In March 2016, I attended her launch event for Business Love London. Her passion for helping people inspired me and her genuine care for her clients impressed me.  That people travelled from far and wide to attend the launch spoke volumes about their relationship with her. 

Jennifer and I have synchronistically met up with one another at various events over the years and always enjoyed the conversations we’ve had with each other.  I often felt I would like to work with her and have now had the privilege of doing so.  Within one day of having this first session, I have already spoken to my ideal clients and we’re excited to start working together! 

Jennifer is more than a coach.  Her approach to the session, her presence, connection and attention to me, whilst I shared my big why and what I’m here to do in this lifetime, helped me to open up in ways I have shied away from in the past. 

Her belief in me helped my belief in me.  I would encourage all healers, lightworkers, spiritual teachers and conscious business owners to explore working with this incredible woman. 

MAEVE CRAWFORD – Relationship Healer and Educator – Filmmaker  –    London




When I first started working with Jennifer on her powerful coaching programme, I had the same old feelings of self doubt, lacking confidence, and no self belief which was beginning to affect my business productivity and home life.
We spent some looking at the realities of my situation and started the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) process of letting go of my unwanted negative emotions and fea rs.

As we worked through the session I immediately began to feel relieved, calm and within 48 hours I noticed a huge shift in my emotional state.  Jennifer has such a friendly manner and I’ve tried and tested her skills, abilities as a coach and I’m watching my personal and professional development grow week after week on this unique programme.

Vicki Chisholm – Tiger Lilies PA-VA Administration Services – Hastings UK 




Working with Jen has been incredible. She is great teacher, and amazing woman. She has an energy like no other. She is amazing giver and listener. And she felt what I need. Through our session Jen opened my eyes, and gave me the right direction for my life and business.

If you want more in your life and business Jen is the right person. Thank you dear Jen for your wisdom and knowledge. You open my heart and my mind for new things and events coming to my life.
I recommend Jennifer with all my heart!”  

 Lidija Pehlić – Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine 



Jennifer is a mother-figure, sister, friend, confidant, coach, supporter and encourager and believed in me when no one else did. We all long for someone to believe in us, especially when we’re carving out an unknown path.

Many people will run in the other direction when it seems like too much hard work to help release the greatness in a friend, but Jennifer was right there with me, getting her hands dirty and helping me to dig my way through.

I’m glad she has dedicated her life to sharing her light with others through her coaching business and I feel privileged to be working with her to write her book. It was an awesome experience to get an insight into the life of this amazing woman; her commitment and love for her sons, her passion to help people be the best that they can be and her grit and determination through trials, blessed me tremendously.

ANTOINETTE JOHNSON  Business Owner & Writer London / New York



Jennifer gave me choices that I never even considered and helped me assess my values and beliefs. I have discovered my passion again and I have a clear strategy for my life…

G DYER  Sports Manager – London





I was disillusioned after leaving college I had no direction in my career. I was beginning to lose confidence – Jennifer’s Coaching helped me to produce my first album and secure the right management…

DESI VALENTINE  – Singer Songwriter – Los Angeles




I have been in the music industry as a producer, songwriter, musician for many years and it always seemed that my dream of having a highly professional band and making good money was always just out of reach. With Jennifer’s guidance and Coaching I have realised that dream and I’m loving my life – thanks Jen

RICHARD  (Name changed to protect confidentiality) – Record Producer – London



I have been working with Jennifer to help me with my motivation and time management in my role running my web TV channel Sales is not my biggest asset being a natural introvert, however with the help of Jennifer I was able to do my own cold calling and sales. She has also helped me focus on getting things done. I recommend Jennifer and her services to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level.

Adam Murphy – Sales Director Sydneyfood TV – Sydney, Australia



I can’t believe the difference Jennifer’s Coaching has made in such a short period of time. I’m able to face my hectic life at work which I now enjoy. I come home to an organised nurturing haven, where everyone is made to feel that they matter. It is great having had someone to support me without them being judgemental as to what I want for my life.

Amanda – Marketing Consultant – London



I had no direction in my business life – Jennifer’s Coaching has helped me to regain my vision and helped me to recognise my value to the world. Incidentally, my income doubled in 4 weeks!…

J K Small HR director – W. Sussex




If you are ready to step up and play a bigger game, go for your most wanted desires and achieve excellence, love and prosperity, living your life your way – then there is no more time to waste – 

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Speaker – Writer – EFT Master –  Intuitive Transformational Coach

JEN’S MISSION is to help her people shift from fear to LOVE, become the best version of themselves and use their unique genius to help make the world a better place.