Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to Day 4! How is all going?

Today I’m celebrating some huge wins that I’ve had recently.

Yesterday I engaged a new coaching client and we are now on an exciting journey together. I’m supporting her to transform not only her chaotic living-space but also her self-destructive habits and low self worth that she hides away from the outside world.

We’ll be streamlining her lifestyle and at the same time start to create her Divine Sacred Space – her sanctuary – using my unique coaching process. Fabuloso!

Plus! I sorted so some tax and VAT issues – more wins!


In fact I also use this dance and celebrate technique for bringing in and embodying my desires and goals – things that I’m aiming for.

The idea is that if I “act as if the wish is fulfilled…” (Dr Dwayne Dyer) I’ll actually be collapsing the timeline between the things I want and my now-moment reality! Yay!

I’ve set myself some audacious goals and can’t wait to see how they show up and how fast!

Very excited me!

Just know that you are amazing and deserve to be celebrated – so do it for your own self.

So let me know how you celebrate your wins – post a video in the Live Authentic! Facebook group

Or leave a comment if it’s on YouTube or anywhere you are watching this video – I’d love to know how you are getting on.


(BTW – I was actually dancing to “The Only Way is Up!” by Yazz a fave House Classic – but CapCut wouldn’t give me copyright!)

(Also I did realise I made an error by saying Sacred Self-Talk – sorry if you were triggered by my error.)


See you tomorrow for Day 5

Jen x


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Jen x