We are on our way to creating a Self-Care practice that will nourish our souls and give us the energy, inspiration and motivation to navigate our lives, achieve our goals and most of all have the beauty and soul within us show up in our outer environment as our Divine Sacred Space. – No more chaotic living – only Living Authentically.

Welcome to Day 5 where even the camera gave itself a “Permission Slip” to quit for a while! Haha!

Giving yourself permission to just stop! Take time out! Relax! Take a breather! Do something else – something that you love instead. Anything – but get yourself into a state of overwhelm!

The consequences of keeping going without support, joy, a clear direction, under pressure could be you burning out and becoming resentful of even doing the things that you really love, for the people you care about.

If you are afraid of looking like you’ve failed then don’t be! If it’s for your employer, hubby, wifey, customers – you can always explain why you had to stop doing what you were doing. Make your case for doing the right thing for the good of all.

For example – Not being able to sort out the overwhelming clutter that has been gathering in your home, because you are too tired and confused to even begin to start the project. Give yourself the “Permission Slip” to stop worrying over it and making yourself feel bad.

Take a step back! Take a big breather! Brush off the shame, guilt or blame! Take control and responsibility! You somehow caused it – you brought the things into your home. You are quite capable to plan and organise a time to sort out and move out the things that no longer serve you.

If you don’t know where to start then search for the info – or better still go to my “How to L.O.V.E. Your Clutter – Fast! “ mini course –

If you don’t have anyone to be accountable to then you don’t have to justify to yourself anyway. You just made a choice with good intention – and that’s OK! When you are ready to get back on the horse you will step-up and catch-up, all in Divine Timing.

Enjoy the power you have to take control of your health, mindset, time, boundaries and know that by taking care of you, you are taking care and setting an example to others who may be in the same boat.

See you next time for Day 6 – Notice I gave myself a “Permission Slip” to not keep going on consecutive days. I had such a lot of tech issues – I stopped – took a breather and then continued when the tech issues where sorted – I don’t even think I was missed.

In the past I would have worried about looking imperfect – or like a fool! Instead I reasoned that what I have to say is more important than looking bad or imperfect. You can too!

Let me know if you have made your own “Permission Slip” – Comment below or post your pic or video in my Live Authentic! – Facebook group.

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With L.O.V.E. – Together We Can!

Jen xxx

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