Hello Superstar!
Hello BIG FAT SEXY 2018  – I Love you already!!!
Happy New Year!
Yesterday we said goodbye to 2017 – It’s been good to me!
I’ve learned so much from my trials, tribulations and celebrations!
I’ve grown and evolved. I’ve had encounters with some amazing, inspirational people. Some of you are now my fabulous firm friends.
I’ve had the privilege of working with my amazing, incredible clients who are recognising their value to the world and stepping-up to use their Divine gifts to serve humanity in their seemingly small way that will ripple out to touch so many lives.
I’ve seen my children grow through some really tough challenges and become strong confident men capable of facing the world and making their contribution. I’m one proud Mama Bear!
I’ve had help and support from the most wonderful, heart-centred people – (for which I cannot hope to thank you enough and you know who you are). I thank God for you being in my life.
I say Thank You – I Love You to my wonderful family – who have shown me how much I am loved.
I’ve come to recognise the value I bring to the world, that I am blessed and honoured to be able to shine the light for those who need direction to follow their Dharma, doing what they love and making the difference that world needs right now.
My vision and wish for 2018? –  BREAK THE ROUTINE IN 2018!
We tend to be creatures of habit! – It’s easier to do something that we know and go to places that are familiar than to take on something new, because we want to stay safe. Staying safe will not help you to grow or give you the space to open your mind to creativity or challenge the status quo of how things are – especially if they are not working for you right now.
Doing something new involves taking a risk – the risk of being ridiculed or standing out, or looking like you are the crazy one – As Steve Jobs once said
“ ….the crazy ones are the ones who eventually change the world!”
My mission for you for 2018 (If you choose to accept it…)  is to do something new, take the risks, go on an adventure with your life and step outside that comfort zone…
If you take the same route to work every day? – change it you might discover some new buildings or meet new friends – or you could just be in time to help someone!
If you are in a dull or unhappy relationship? –  start exploring new projects or activities together!
If you always book the same holidays? –  choose a really random place where you would never go to before and explore how the natives live…
If you normally sing, play or write in one genre or style? – explore writing or singing in a new style and see how it feels and how people respond…
Now, I know that there are many things that may hold you back. From my experience as a life/business coach and EFT Master they all lead to that place called your subconscious mind  – those hidden areas of your being where you have experienced trauma or hurt and are not evident to you apart from the fact that you are finding it difficult to move forward and succeed. It’s job is to keep you safe!
I believe that we can have anything we truly desire if we open our hearts to allowing. We can and do create our reality. The challenge is always that we are emotional beings and we get stuck behind the walls we create in our hearts to protect us from being hurt – especially after we have had a bad experience. The trick is to be able to knock down the walls and request what we want and know without doubt that we will receive.
That’s where I come in – I’m refining and tweaking my plans to be able to support and help more of you superstar creators to live your life purpose and do that thing that you love more easily and faster than you would on your own.
As for me? –  I’ll keep you posted on my adventures as we have so many good things planned for you guys for the coming AWESOME 2018!
What do you truly want from 2018?  What’s your tip for making it happen?  I’d love to know –

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With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x

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