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It’s really important for me to be of great service and loving what I do. For me this is about stretching and growing so that I’ll be my best self and set an example to my clients, my team and followers. I’m in constant evolution!
I have realised for a long time that one major thing that all the successful people have done is tell their true life story. Their Hero’s Journey. That tells of going through adversity, learning the lessons they had to learn to move on or die! Then bringing those lessons to share with the world. Oprah, Richard Branson,Tony Robbins, JK Rowling to name but a few.

I often quote Simon Sineck on his Start With Why talk and send out links to his TEDTalk.

Also Brene Brown’s famous TEDTalk on the Power of Vulnerability

I  encourage my clients to tell their story and be willing to be vulnerable so that their own clients, bosses, significant-other can really “see” them. This always works, there is a huge sense of relief after they truly get “naked”. It’s as if they are reborn!

However, when it came to my own story I was hesitant.
I had a real challenge with bearing my truth!

Questions would come up for me like “Would my clients judge me as not good enough – or see me as a fraud or weak? Will they stop reading my posts and emails? Will they fall out of love with me? Will I be able to walk down the street without a disguise!!! 

I really had to dig deep and realise that I have to walk my talk especially after my dear friend and international speaker and thought leader, Dion Johnson, told her story of how she turned her life story of facial disfigurement into life lessons.  She now teaches her clients how to ditch their “masks” and find freedom. 

What confirmed my decision was a very close coach friend of mine suddenly told me that she was scared of telling her life story in case her clients thought less of her –  after all we are supposed to be the ones that have it all figured out!  She had no idea I was having the same thoughts!
My response was – It’s scary, I know – All I can say is that the people who will be on your side and resonate with your story will still be there.  And more will come, because they are searching for you and can’t see you because you are hiding behind your current story. The ones who move away are those that don’t “get” you and you don’t want to work with them anyway!

Being vulnerable is not about being weak. Being vulnerable means being strong enough to share our real story. Be daring enough to say to the world – “This is me, warts and all! With my imperfections and my guilt and my shame”. This allows others who are hiding their own imperfection to drop their masks, come out from behind their curtain of illusion and say “I’m not perfect either.  This is me, this is my story and with what I’ve leant I’m ready to write a new story.”

From your story comes the reasons why you do what you love – it will have an emotional effect on those who bear the same pain and draw them closer to you. Or it will stay hidden inside you not being heard and affecting how you operate your business now. The results will be showing for themselves.
 So, I have decided to tell the whole truth about me and my life properly. I’ll be sharing some of my story in up-coming articles and my life-story book. Including much of my pain and shame, and also my victories and the reasons why I do what I do.

So, with all the fine tuning my focus is now on helping people create a lifestyle business that will give fun, freedom, fulfilment and prosperity so that they can have their hearts most wanted desires, while making a difference in the world.

If you have been down this road, I’d love to know your thoughts on bearing and sharing your real life story. Leave a comment in the box below and share if you feel the love.

If you want to discuss any of this with me I’ll be only too happy to help you tell your life story; in fact your own Business Love Story and craft your powerful message to attract the right clients and make more moolah! EMAIL ME  for a chat. 


Speak soon. 

With love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x 

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Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte

Based on her Values of Freedom, Connection, Financial Independence and Love, Jennifer is dedicated to creating an empowering community of business owners who want a lifestyle of fun, freedom, fulfilment and prosperity so that they can have their hearts most wanted desires, while making a difference in the world.

When she is not working easy she is playing hard!!! – Jennifer loves to travel, music, dancing, watching seriously old movies, writing, cooking and eating “delish!” meals with family and friends, adores her children and can be seen jogging around the streets of London in the early hours.

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