pretty-woman-wp-1Hello Business Lover!

Did you ever watch the movie Pretty Woman? Where Julia Robert’s character returned to one of the stores in Laredo Drive in LA, an exclusive, expensive shop where they refused to serve her because she looked shabby.

She came back to show off her spoils after her client Richard Gere made sure she was served properly in another store, where he spent an hideous amount of money on her. Her comment to the shop girls was –“You made a big mistake by not serving me – BIG – HUGE!!!” The shop girls looked astonished and must have felt so stupid.

That’s how I feel – I have a made a big mistake by not serving you as I should have.

I’ve been lax in keeping in touch with you via emails and via social media.

never-judge-a-book-by-its-cover-julia-roberts-shopping-deYes there has been loads going on behind the scenes and moving to London didn’t help the communication upkeep. However, that’s no excuse, I could have a t least kept you posted as to my progress, challenges and shared what I was learning along the way.

This was backed up by a post on a FB group run by Suzanne Dibble. She asked her group of High Performing Women “what do you think has been the ONE MAIN secret to your success in achieving that GoTo Expert status?”

Nearly every comment had some reference to “being consistent”. Consistency in keeping in touch, your topic, expertise, branding, posting, even colours.

So take heed – this is a lesson for you too!

  • Just let your audience know what you are doing for them behind the scenes or what challenges you are going through that you have found a way to overcome.
  • Stay consistent with your connections and communication – whether it’s with emails, blogging, tweeting, vlogging, Instagram posts or LinkedIn Pulse, etc.
  • You don’t have to use them all – find one or two that has an abundance of your target audience, where they are active with connecting and posting and stick to that, with you posting and commenting too.
  • At least post once every week if not twice weekly and if you are not a fan of social media or technology then hire someone to write/speak in your voice and follow-up for you.

There is no getting away from the fact that as Business Lovers, we have to be in touch with some form of digital communication to stay ahead of the game, so we might as well embrace it. Otherwise your audience my go “shopping” elsewhere!

And the worst thing about my misdemeanour is that I actually love writing, blogging and posting – so how bad of me was that – Doh!!!

PrettyWoman_2766232bKeep shining your light and being visible, so that your followers can find you in the maze of competitors and when they find you, help them shine their light too.

Look out for a prolific amount of updates by me updating you on all with the juicy things I’ve been up to help your business, lifestyle and well-being.

Have a fab Bank Holiday my beautiful, loyal Business Lover’s – thanks for your patience.

Speak soon. 

With love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x





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