CLUTTER  1The Festive Holidays are over and the New Year brings new horizons and new desires!

It’s time to think about clearing the old and bringing in something new into our homes both physically and energetically. Time to do some de-cluttering!

I must confess that although I help and advise my clients to create beautiful, nurturing, organised homes, I am far from the world’s most tidiest person. Like most people, I can sometimes let my space get out of hand. Then I have to take time out to get it back under control, before it becomes unbearably cluttered. If I don’t, I find that I get anxious, I can’t focus on what I’m doing and it stops my creative flow. Apart from that, it wastes my valuable time!

There is no doubt that clutter can creep up on you, with things like junk mail, files that you just need to keep visible because they need to actioned, clothing that should be stored away, labour saving gadgets that are never put away, magazines, toys, games…. I could go on!

Before you know it there is so much of it that it can be overwhelming and beginning to cause you stress, which can really affect productivity at work, your relationships and the harmony in your home and even your health and finances!

We go out, we work hard to generate the means to a fabulous lifestyle for ourselves and our families. Our homes should be a wonderful, relaxing, reviving place to come back to. A place where we can recharge ready to face the world again.

So where do you start if your clutter is at the stage where you need to get it all sorted?

Most organisers or re-designers that I’ve researched use a numbering system to help with the de-cluttering process. For example 5 easy steps to…. or 10 tips to declutter…   –   What tends to happen is that we are often too much in a hurry to get things done or too tired to put things back in place and sort things out. Therefore, it can be a task to remember which number or which action step comes before the next.

So, I have devised my own simple memory jogger that you can use to clear the clutter in the first place, then easily keep it at bay.

I’m a strong believer that there should be nothing in your space that you don’t love or indeed L.O.V.E.

Let’s get stuck in!

Set aside some time where you can focus on the task in hand. You might find several short burst of 15 – 30 mins might serve you better than a 90 minute stretch.

Note here – never work for more than 90 minutes without taking a break – you will become stressed and exhausted and decide to abandon the job altogether! Trust me on this one!

As you go through each item, do the L.O.V.E. thing!

Start by asking yourself “Do I L.O.V.E. this item?”   So what does L.O.V.E. actual stand for?


L = Love 

Is this item something you love, cherish and hold dear? It is useful, beautiful, sentimental?

If not, think about why it’s even in your sacred space at all! Instead, can it be refused, re-cycled, re-used in some way?


O =  Organised 

Does this item have a place to be put away or put on display? The biggest cause of clutter gathering is that your things have nowhere to live, so they end up on your surfaces, under chairs/tables, in the hallway, on the stairs/landing…

If it doesn’t have a home then think about why you have it your possession in the first place.

It is useful, beautiful, sentimental…

Then decide if you are going to find a place for it or build or buy some storage for it. Making sure in the end that you do love it, because its useful, beautiful or sentimental.

Here is a thought … Do you have two or three of the same thing and you’re keeping the extra ones for “just in case”? Or you have clothes that you think – “I might fit into this again one day!”

Well, here is where you can take a good look at your “poverty consciousness”. Do you have an inner belief that you will  not able to generate the income, when needed to buy another of whatever  it is you are hanging on to? Remember the Universe will always bring you what you ask for. So let go of the excesses.

Also, fashions change and technology moves so rapidly nowadays that you will find the item may not be that appealing any more, which means you won’t L.O.V.E. it! Which defeats the purpose of keeping it!!


V  = Valuable

Is this an item of value financially or sentimentally?

If it’s of sentimental value then it should be either on display – For example – photos in a beautiful album, easily accessible for you to peruse, or in some lovely frames on the walls. Alternatively, they can be scanned, stored in your electronic storage device and sorted for easy access. Don’t forget to back-up!

Financially valuable items for example jewellery, should be worn or put on display. What’s the point of having them if you are going to keep them hidden away to gather dust!

And, in my opinion, every home should have a piece of original artwork, either your own or your family’s work or something from someone you admire.

These valuable items should not be hidden away in some dark place never to be enjoyed.

The only things to be hidden away are things that are of such value that they be put in a safety deposit box in the bank!! Or consider turning them into cash for saving, investing or spending!


E = Energy

Is the item causing an “Energy Flow” or an “Energy Dam”?

An Energy Dam item would be anything blocking your flow of energy as you move through your space.  Or holding you back from moving forward emotionally. For example pictures and letters from old boyfriends or old documents that are no longer useful.

Is the item taking up your space and causing frustration, or overwhelm? Has it used up its usefulness? Is it in the way, having no place to live, as in O for Organised?

An Energy Flow item would make you feel energised, inspired and happy when you see it or feel it, because it’s useful, beautiful, or sentimental and you L.O.V.E. it.

 The tools you will need – 

  1. Find yourself 3 large refuse bags or 3 big boxes and a drink as this can be thirsty work!
  2. Now work your way through the clutter asking yourself “Do I L.O.V.E. this?
  3. Work through the L.O.V.E list – Is it Loved – Organised – Valuable and has Energy Flow?
  4. Then place the item into the appropriate box or bag.
  • Rubbish (Bin it!)
  • Re-Cycle (Charity for re-selling or give to friends)
  • Re-Design (Think of a creative way of using it so that it serves a purpose, looks good and feels great in your sacred space!)

Do as much as you can in the time you have set aside, on a regular basis, until it’s all clear.

The best way to keep clutter away is to have a place for everything and put everything in its place. Simple!

Just one final thing to note – Leaving your things to become cluttered is a habit. As we humans are creatures of habit, the worst thing to do to change a habit is to stop it without having a new habit to take its place. Make the new habit one of consciously “L.O.V.E. – ing” your things.  It will soon become second nature.

Do you want some help?

If you would like some help with the delicate, emotional process of letting go of things that no longer serve you, so that you can move on with your life, then please do feel free to contact me for a chat, to learn how I work and how I can help you with your personal clutter challenge. 

I’d also love to know if you have any fun stories or challenging tales to tell about your clutter.  Please do share below in the comments box or EMAIL ME 

Getting the foundation clear to start the year will help you have a fabulous 2014!!! The Year of Divine Magic! 

L.O.V.E Your Clutter – Part 2   available here!


With Love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x 

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