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I have recently been reading the most amazing book; in fact, I’m reading it for the second time around – it’s so good! 

“The Law of Divine Compensation” by Marianne Williamson is a divine work in itself.

It consists of 182 pages of transcripts from her lectures on A Course in Miracles and The Law of Divine Compensation. It’s all about – Work, Money and Miracles.

Reading this brings me right back to when I first started to think differently about the world, us as human beings and God.

Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, as my understanding and consciousness of The Word and how the world was operating increased, I started to question what I had been taught in church.

My preachers’ interpretation of the Bible and God’s wishes for us did not match what I was reading for myself in the study classes.

They spoke of guilt, sin and damnation out of context. I felt that this gave us as students a sense of fear and weakness instead of love and connectedness.

At the time, I thought this was so hypocritical of them; however, it was frowned upon to question anything about the Bible in the Christian community that I belonged to back then.

To me, The Word spoke of a loving kind God and that we too are Divine and we are but on a journey on our way from darkness back home to the light by our own free will. We are of God and from God – we are spiritual beings having a human experience not the other way around.

We exist on two levels the physical and the spiritual – the physical world is where fear lives – debt, lack, stress, unemployment, overwhelm, – all the things we worry about and attract more of if we get stuck there.

If we focus our hearts and minds on the spiritual realm, where we trust, allow and love, we can have the abundance and prosperity that is God-given. We get more of whichever world we want to operate in. All it takes is a shift in perspective and mind change and you will have the gifts from the world you choose to live in.

Well anyone I spoke to about this at the time used to give me odd looks and some would say that I’m a little bit weird or that I’m a bit of a rebel.

Soon I stopped expressing my views, and put them to the back of my mind.

Over time, the world caught up with my thinking but I had lagged behind, not feeling that I could explore my spiritual learning any further.

Reading this wonderful book has brought me back in alignment with what is true.

“The Universe is self organising and self correcting –“

Marianne tells us how we can easily have everything we want for our lives simply by having faith, releasing anger and making love the bottom line. She graciously intersperses her thoughts with prayers and affirmations for us to use.

She says, “A Course in Miracles teaches us that all of us are special and none of us are special. All of us carry the mark of God, yet we carry that mark as one. No one has any more or less capacity that anyone else to be used as a conduit for the genius that pours forth constantly from the Mind of God.  This genius pours into us as one, but is accepted by us separately. God’s greatness is a gift that is offered to all of us, but it’s our choice whether or not to receive it. We lack faith in what exists within us because we lack faith in Who exists within us”

Reading Marianne’s work has made me feel that I have come full circle – things can only get better! In fact they are better right now, because I choose them to be.

Thank you Marianne –

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If you have already read Marianne’s beautiful book, then how is it working for you?

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