CLUTTER 1Hello Superstar!

As you may well know I’m dedicated to helping you shift into being the amazing genius that you are born to be.

That means I help you to clear your fear-based thinking and emotions so that you can step up to having the life and business that you want with ease.

I not only get to work with you on your inner world I also help you to get clear on your outer environment too.

So in my previous post – (L.O.V.E. Your Clutter – Part 1 ) I shared with you the practical steps on how to declutter your sacred space to enable you to have an environment that does not make you feel blocked or moving through treacle.  And create a place where you are more productive, have great meaningful relationships and a harmonious home, where everyone can feel LOVED. 

In this post I want to dive a bit deeper so that you can understand why we create clutter and how you can avoid it reoccurring or prevent it happening in the first place 


I hope you got off to a good start with taking time to sort out your clutter.

To do it properly does take time, energy and thought, but it will be so worth it for the peace of mind, clarity and sense of freedom you have once it’s done.

Now, to help stop the clutter returning, as it somehow does,  I thought it might be useful to understand why we produce clutter in the first place. For myself once I recognised my subconscious behaviour, I began to take note of where I would put things and learnt to let go of things that don’t really serve me right now. It still gets out of hand every now and then but at least I can recognise when it’s creeping back and easily get it back under control.

My L.O.V.E. Your Clutter system really works for me and helps me to remember what’s important about my things, what to keep and where to keep them.  What does L.O.V.E. stand for?

L = Love   O = Organised   V = Valuable   E = Energy

Here in Part 2, we are going to look more in-depth at L for Love – Make sure you LOVE your things in the right way.

As human beings we are subconsciously programmed to collect and store things.

Collecting and storing nuts and berries, for consumption later.

Collecting and storing wood and stones for fire and weapons.

Our primitive or limbic brain still wants us to do that as a safety mechanism.

However, here in the modern world, we no longer have to fend off marauding invaders or hunt and store food in the same way. We can pop down to the store and buy what we need fresh every day if we want.

We no longer have to fight off Sabre Tooth Tigers or fend off other tribes people from taking what we have. Yet we still buy more than we need and we keep things “just in case”.

We start in early childhood to emotionally attach to things. Did you have a security blanket or soft toy that you were so attached to that you cried if you couldn’t find it? Do you remember feeling unsafe? Do you remember how you felt when you had to learn to share your favourite toy? Panic!

So, growing into adulthood we are already emotionally attached to our belongings – in adult life it still feels that all is well when our things are around us, regardless of whether or not they are useful or beautiful.

However, that emotional attachment can be a strain – buying the things in the first place then finding somewhere to store them. Keeping things  “just in case” is a primitive thought and a poverty mindset. I’ll ask you, does that mean you won’t be able to afford to buy what you need at the time you need to use it?

And letting go can be scary. That’s why hold I my clients hands and guide them as they begin to Declutter their homes, wardrobes, fridge etc. We also work on letting go of other negative influences such as people as well as negative energy within the body. The feedback after these sessions have been quite dramatic!

They speak of the sense of freedom and calm it brings once they learn to let go of unnecessary possessions and tidy things up. It clears the mind so that you can clearly think about what you truly want for your future. It stops time wasting because you can find things easily and many of my clients have been able to make money from their unwanted excesses.  I’ll be giving you tips and ideas about how to do this in Part 3 and 4.

I don’t advocate getting rid of everything!
We do need some things to get make our lives easier but we also need things of beauty around us to give us good memories to evoke those good feelings. After all emotions and feelings are part of what makes us human. So we work on shifting the excesses while we are decluttering; the things that are not useful, beautiful and positively sentimental and make sure they are used and admired all the time. Not suck in a cupboard or corner being forgotten, blocking free flow of energy.

So carefully go through your things and make sure you really L.O.V.E. them. Be honest with yourself in terms of their usefulness to you and if you are keeping things for sentiment make sure they are on display so they can admired and loved. What is left are the things you really L.O.V.E. – not the things you think you should keep.

In Part 3 we will talk about O for Organised – about storage, display, up-cycling and more ideas to help prevent the major clutter from returning.

In the meantime, contact me if you would like to discuss any of your own ideas or queries. Or indeed, please leave a comment, we’d love to have your questions or suggestions.

If you would like some help with the delicate, emotional process of letting go of things that no longer serve you, so that you can move on with your life, then please do feel free to contact me for a chat, to learn how I work and how I can help you with your personal clutter challenge. 


Until next time – L.O.V.E.  your clutter and have fun.

With Love – Together – We Can!

Jennifer x

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