Self-love matters!

Unconditional Love for others matters!

Business Love matters!


Today is St Valentine’s Day and as my brand is all about Business Love I can’t possibly let the day pass without taking about LOVE, can I?

So my plan for today is – I’m going to take time out at some point to do a little self-love with some self pampering and healing.

As I am single right now – and for all you singles out there – that will be easy for to do.

Also, even if you are in a  relationship and wanting to give love to your significant other, today I would love for you to take some time out for you too. It’s really important for your value to the relationship anyway.

And during this self-love time spare a thought about your Business Love.

Think about “why?” you are doing your business.

What is it you LOVE about bringing your creation to the world?


Is it the fact that you get to serve and help other people?

Is it because you get to share your brilliant ideas?

Is it because you get to express your creativity?

Or something else?

Whatever the reason or why you love your business, I want you to think about how much LOVE you are bringing INTO your business.

And how much LOVE you are putting out of your business into the world.


Think about all the aspects such as –

Are you pouring LOVE into your marketing?

Making sure you touch your clients/customers pain points and pouring LOVE into them, so they can FEEL how much you care about them – and wanting to help them heal or solve a problem.

Are you pouring LOVE into your product or service?

Making sure you wake up each day saying “Who can I serve today and how can I make it the best experience for them so much so that they can feel that I LOVE them”

Are you pouring LOVE into your staff or team? 

Respecting their ideas, their efforts for your business and respecting their personal wellbeing.


When you pour your LOVE into everything you are doing you send a ripple effect out into the community (everything is energy – even thoughts) and they then feel good about themselves – and then that ripples out into the country –  and then the world and then into the cosmos.

If we are all sending the vibration of LOVE, compassion and forgiveness from deep in our hearts into everything we do and out to every Being on the planet just imagine how loved-up the planet would feel?

We send out our LOVE – and because others are sending out too we get it back 10 fold even 100 fold!

We do that in our business and our customers share the LOVE they get  and tell others – you get more business! Simple!

Always make sure you have the highest standards of care and LOVE for your services, your products, your primary customer (your staff or team) and for your paying customers and watch your profits grow.


If after all that you find that there is no LOVE for your business and it’s not making your heart sing or certain parts are bringing hate and fear to your life, then ask yourself why are you even doing it –

Because not only will you be feeling those negative emotions your team, your clients and your community will be feeling them too. And they may not know why they are feeling it, but they could become reluctant to buy more of your services or your products.

Even if your service or product is good, if you are not loving yourself and not feeling 100%, without doubt the value you being to the world then they will pick it up and your success rate will be lower than you would expect.

If this is you – then you know what to do –

Give me a call – book a Business SoulShift Discovery Session.

You know that I specialise in Emotional Freedom Technique as a coach  – So let’s get you clear of those negative emotions and get you focused on sharing your Business LOVE with the world.


Love matters – so share it!

Happy St Valentine’s Day


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With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x

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