Hello Superstar!

We are always manifesting!

No matter what?

In every single moment we are manifesting something.

We are manifesting our point of focus.

We create in the moment because that is “all there is”.

The past does not exist – yet we use it as point of reference – to navigate the world – mentally, physically, vibrationally – emotionally! Because it’s what we know to be “true”. It’s part of the human condition, designed to keep us safe.

When we click out of our consciousness, fall into the routine, mundane, become “mind-dead” and powerless, we just recreate whatever experience we had in the past.

If we have failed or succeeded in the past – we get more of what we focus on.


And the future does not exist – it’s a blank canvas on which we can create in this moment – absolutely anything we can conceive.

So if our only point of reference in this moment is our past experiences, we will always manifest more of them.

When we take our mind-power back, take control of our choices and consciously create what we want from new point of reference – one that is in our imagination – (….the brain does not know the difference between what’s real or what’s false) and we keep that vision in mind we soon begin to feel it and vibrate on that level,

In fact, we can start with how we want to FEEL when we have the future we want, bring it into the now as a feeling, then create the vision around it. Ask yourself “…how do I want to feel if that is different to how I’m feeling now?” “How alive,inspired, excited to I want to feel?” – Then ask yourself “…what would make me feel that way? Who do I have to become?….” – Then visualise yourself having, doing, living into the vision connected to the feeling. 


Then because we are resonating with the thing or being we want, we begin to act as if we are already it.

We can’t help but behave like we are it. Then we cause the miracle of it showing up in our lives –

If you have heard of the Law of Attraction – my belief is not that we “attract” what want as if it’s something out there that has to come to us.

Manifesting is an inside job!

We have to KNOW from within – our heart’s desires. Our desires are God given. God would not give us those yearnings if He did not want us to have them show up in our lives. 

We have to FEEL from within – deep dive into your heart and listen to what’s really going on for you. Is it something that you really want or what you really regret?

We have to ACT from within – our feelings and emotions will automatically determine our behaviour – and from our behaviour we will get the results 

Allow our the vibrational energy around the things we want to be birthed from within and they show up in our lives  – as if by magic!


That is how I managed to manifest a £250,000 house, by the sea at a time when I had very little money coming in. I focused on it so much and believed that I already lived there – I could feel myself walking and talking with the people around me. I could smell my food cooking. I could see how that house looked and feel how it felt. For weeks I focused on designing it on paper. I researched, I did my figures over and over…. Until one day I woke and I was in my dream!

….and then within 5 years I lost it and all my investments because I could not believe my own power. I could NOT believe what I had manifested. During the time I lived there I had gone back to being focused on “not being good enough” (my default way of being) which was my embedded past experience of being in the world.

And now – having spent the last 7 years working out the process of manifesting – studying how the good and the great did it for themselves and for humanity; (and how I actually created my then reality and my current reality), I now have successfully coached many of my clients to be manifesting geniuses – Creating dream jobs; amazing music careers, thriving businesses, beautiful homes, loving relationships – travel and freedom – beautiful pain free bodies.

When we resonate at love and above we get more love and above – and when have so much love and above we can allow the overflow to ripple out into the world so that we are helping to raise the vibration of the whole planet.

What’s possible for us in today’s world is unprecedented in history! Science and tech are living side-by-side with spirituality.

More and more people are really understanding that they do have power to create anything they can conceive.

You are not here to fix anyone!

You are not here to fix a broken world!

You are here to live as the best version of you as you can – and to give the best that you can. Share your gifts – enjoy the journey and most of all you are here to be the example of LOVE – living an awesome life!

Because you are here to be a positive vibrational being on this awesome, beautiful planet connected with “All that is!

Become the person that allows you create the environment that allows that manifestation to take place – Simple!

That could mean you may need someone to hold you in that place – someone to create a container in which you can explore being that person.

So if you are in that place and you are ready for the shift – then I am ready for your call – just hit – LET’S TALK –  and tell me what you want to manifest into your life and business. I’ll show you how to shift your mind body soul and have emotional freedom from fear to LOVE and above at the tips of your hands.

Let’s go get you your heart’s desires! 

With Love – Together We Can! 

Jennifer x 




Independent Realtor & Desire Coach

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