Hello Superstar!

No matter how big your New Year’s plans and resolutions were, you were probably feeling a little sluggish or stuck since the beginning of January and wanted to take a back seat – a perfect time for reflection and recuperating.

That was the Universe preparing you for the fabulous work that now has to be done. You may now have more of an insight on the truth of who you are and why you are here – and perhaps what your greatest joy or level of bliss is.

Right now though is a profound time of new beginnings – for you to write your new story going forward into the year – and the next 7 years!

We are in the shadow of a New Moon and The Chinese New Year of The Pig (which represents abundance).

It’s go time! Time to come out of the wilderness!

So let go of any past frustrations or apparent failures – they were priming you for the epic Hero’s Journey you are now going to embark on.

Turn the page!

Tune into your heart!

What are the big scary audacious goals that you have kept hidden?

Those secret desires that you were afraid to speak into existence.

What’s that Big Mission or Inspired idea that keeps coming up?

Perhaps your book – an exciting adventure – a meaningful project – your life mission….?

Now is not the time to keep your desires secret any longer. It’s also the perfect time for bringing your gifts and talents to the world where they so very much needed, as we are witnessing.

Let yourself get clear of your fears and self doubt and focus in on what you are passionate and excited about; and can do in the service of others right now because the New Moon energy and the dawn of year of The Pig and the 2019 energy is huge right now so take advantage and go! go! go!

There is never going to be a better time to get creative, sharing shining your light than now! Allowing your soul-tribe to see your brilliance and connecting with them on a soul-conscious level. Together you will cause miracles!


To get going, ask yourself what is the one small step that you can take towards your audacious mission or goals?

Really think about the one small action you can take to bring your talents and gifts to the world.

Then take that step – then the next and you will see that the road will come up to meet your feet as it did for me last year on my mission to discover if I could realise my own dream of moving from the UK to living in California, where I have a deep calling to run retreats on helping people shift from fear to love and do their great work.

I took a leap of faith and toured around Los Angeles and San Diego, still able to work with my clients via my laptop, exploring different areas, meeting new connections, seeing the beauty and feeling alive!

Instead of sitting in the UK wondering I took action and came back with huge passion, inspiration and ideas on how to make it all happen.  A brand new offering is on its way soon.


So what is the one small step you can take to open up the pathway to your passionate desires and audacious dreams?

If you don’t know for now then I suggest you take the first small step of committing to change – do something different to get the energy going and then Direct Message me for a call to help you get clear of your fears.

The Year of The Pig is going to be Audaciously Brilliant – Get on Board for the Ride of Your Life!


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With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x

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