Introducing My Zone of Bliss!


Hello Gorgeous! – Happy New Year!
You may have seen me go through my various incarnations over the last 15 years of running my newsletter. It started with Inspiration Junction where I was life-coaching. Then into Business Love – where I was business coaching.

Then my foray into Real Estate with Nest Seekers International and the Crazy Rich Agents on the BBC.
I just want to say a huge Thank You! for staying with me on my personal journey. My sole intention was to bring you some valuable inspiration, ideas  and support for your life or business over the years.
Now it’s time for a new journey for 2024!
2+0+2+4 = 8 = Auspicious!
It’s the Chinese year of the Wood Dragon = Good luck –  Good health and Prosperity
The beginning of a new 12 year cycle according to my various astrologers.
So you may have noticed a new title for my newsletter – Live Authentic!
I’ve brought together all my “zone of genius”, skills, experience and expertise that I’ve gleaned over those years as a Life and Business Coach.

Plus, my “zone of bliss” skills, knowledge and expertise as an interior stylist and home organiser to support my clients – incredible women over 45 who want to move away from operating in “wounded feminine” pain and stop the people pleasing, victim mentality and seeking outside validation or approval.
They are so tired of the hustle and grind!

They tend to be in a state of confusion and disorganisation, not only mentally, emotionally or financially but this all shows up in their home environment as well!

Everything seems to be chaos, overwhelm or too much stuff! To the point where they are not able to think straight and it’s causing distress and/or disease.

They want to move towards the pathway to happiness, peace, love, joy, prosperity and abundance – all the things for them to live and authentic life? (Hence, Live Authentic!)

Is this you now? – Or do you know of someone I can support through these challenges? Then I’m your girl!

What I provide is fresh thinking, an effective system and a safe container in which to explore, so that you can design your life and lifestyle just the way you want – from the inside out!

I’ve got your back!

Stay tuned to this new Live Authentic! newsletter – for tips, teaching, inspiration, ideas, interviews and special offers on my signature coaching container –

Ultimate Self & Home Harmony Programme.

In the meantime….
I would like to gift a 30 minute Coaching Call for the first 5 people – where we can cover what you would like to  Clear! – Calm! – Create! for 2024  –

Please Click HERE to book.

Here is a little something to get your year started in a positive vibe –
Question! – What is the one thing, that if you achieved it in 2024, would light you up and give you the most joy and fulfilment – And why?

It might be a useful question to discuss with friends, or with me, or you could write your thoughts in your journal and see what you achieve by the end of the 2024.

To support you with that, here is the link to My Success Journal worksheet – that I use with my coaching clients that have proven to be some very valuable exercises.

Download My Success Journal Worksheet 

Please let me know how you get on – I’d love to know! 

Looking forward to supporting you on the amazing adventure for your life in  2024!!


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Huge love and hugs and appreciation!

With L.O.V.E. – Together We Can!
Jennifer x