Hello Beautiful!

We all know that sleep is so important to our well being.

It’s while we sleep that our body does most of its healing. We are recharged to so that we can be more energised and productive. Our brains are rested and clear so that we can be creative and make sound decisions in our business and for our lives.

So indeed, sleep is really important.

But do you ever think about WHERE you sleep?


A friend of mine has been watching TV and falling asleep on the sofa just lately and complained about how he feels whenever he wakes up. His back aches or he has a headache.

I’ve sometimes caught myself having a “puss nap” (as we Jamaicans call it), at my desk after lunch. I feel a little foolish when I awake!

Then there are those who are sleeping on really uncomfortable beds. Maybe they can’t afford to change it or the bed is not their own.

There people who have to sleep on the streets, which I see more of as I walk through London on the way home after an event. They are wrapped up with their layers of clothes and donated duvets. They, none-the-less, look totally miserable at their situation.

Also give a thought to those who are living in war zones where they may stay awake all night hidden in bunkers and shelters for safety, sleeping  on the earth with nothing to keep them warm.

There are so many that are not sleeping in a comfortable bed at all! This is something I believe that some of us take for granted.


So I make it a habit to honour my bed – when I wake up I bless and thank it for a wonderful restful sleep.

I make sure I make it tidy as soon as I can (I like to air it before I make it, to prevent bedbugs!)

I dress it beautifully with good quality sheets and covers. I have two feather duvets and four feather pillows. I love my nest!

I respect the fact that cotton sheets are the best for allowing the body to breathe while we sleep. Also cotton fabric is a labour and resource intensive material to grow and manufacture, therefore I practice conscious shopping.


So when you really think about it there is a lot more to your bed or where you sleep than you may have considered. It’s the place where to start and end your day.


This is why the Bedroom is first place we tackle when we Clear! Calm! Create! in my unique Ultimate Self & Home Harmony coaching programme.

So remember to thank your bed! Make your bed with pride! (Don’t use it as spare room for your clutter!).

Consider those who may not be as privileged as you to even have one! Bless and say a prayer for them too!


Do you honour where you sleep?

How do you dress your bed?

Do you use your bed as spare room for your clutter?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas.


Nite nite!

Jen x


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