Hello Gorgeous!

The problem I have –

Not exercising for 6 months!

Not taking care of myself!

Resulting in a messy unfocused office!

Because my office is messy I can’t focus – and I’m meant to be setting an example to my Self & Home Harmony – Coaching clients! Huh!

I recognise that I have been focusing on distractions such as – Attention from ardent admirers who have no long term intention with me and no clear direction for themselves – Lost or wounded masculine men!

Also I was getting involved with opportunities that were a real distraction and diversion from what I offer to the world with my deep transformational work as a coach and healer, which is so needed right now.

I learnt a lot about myself and my behaviour during that time. I now can relate more closely to my clients who come to me with some of these issues.

Maybe the Universe was guiding me along here? I had to be in the same state as my clients for a while, in order to be able to understand their wounds and distress – coming from a place of authenticity so that I can work with them more deeply.

Going back to the future – It’s time for me to get back in the zone – my “Zone of Genius” and my “Zone of Bliss!”

If you get a chance to look at my work and my videos from 2014 to 2019 – where I was holding the container for my “Business Lovers” – Soul conscious entrepreneurs, so that they could be strong, focused and in flow for these current times, that I knew and believed, were coming.

I’d like to invite you join my Live Authentic group on Facebook. (see link below)

Where I further invite you to explore the various self-care practices with me and see the results of our desires and aspirations that show up in our living space – our Divine Sacred Space!

I’ll be interested to see how my office looks and feels at the end of the 7 day journey – plus see if my self-care practice actually results in any of my desires or aspirations show up such as relatable relationships, more money, more time, any material manifestations and feeling more calm. Relaxed, achieving more in my work as service to others, etc.


So come and join me –

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I am so excited for you join me! Let’s see what magic and medicine we can create together!

With L.O.V.E. – Together We Can!

Jen x