Hey my Superstar!

Do you know the real difference between those who achieve the things that they really, truly want and those who apparently don’t?

It’s their decision to say YES! to their audacious desires. Their decision to go for something that is calling them from inside – that something that is ready to be born into the world.

The people who say YES! –  are sometimes afraid and they still say YES!

They are sometimes confused about how to do it and they still say YES!

They are sometimes blocked, overwhelmed and tired and still they say YES!

They say YES! because they know that in the end, even when things seem to go wrong – it’s because you are not yet ready in mind, body and soul for what you are asking for – yet! You have to do some more burning and learning to be worthy of what you think you want.

They know that they will find fulfilment and meaning if they come from a place of authenticity and go for what they really want – even if they are not quite sure what that is. Over time their true path will be revealed.

Your life so far has not been a series of random events – you have created it with your subconscious focus. So if you are focused on fear based thought – you will know that they have eventually come to reality.

If you have focused on things that bring you joy, meaning, fulfilment and love you know that they too will eventually show up in your reality –

Because we manifest from the inside out – everything that we want is already inside us waiting to be born into the world – we only have to “allow” and welcome it into our reality.  

Know that your life has not been a mistake –

“There are no mistakes!” – as Oprah says

Through the losses, pain, betrayals and chaos there is order coming. Order is the first law of the Universe – so anything that seems to be in chaos is only the Universe/God rearranging things to suit your desires.

It’s not about trying to fix the past – or fix people! It’s about reclaiming your life’s power and aligning with the real reason you are here – to set the example and live your most audacious life. Doing the work that your life lessons have been preparing you for all along.


So can you see that you are a powerful co-creator?

Can you see that if you DO NOT go for your hearts most wanted desires that you are in fact disrespecting God? God who has given you Free Will and the only word he speaks is “YES!”


My 2nd Business SoulShift Principle is DESIREShift from Confusion to Clarity.  If you haven’t already done so take some time and go deep into your heart and listen for the answers to what you really truly would have if time was unlimited and you had ridiculous amount of money coming in every single month or say £100,000,000 every year – What would you dare to dream for each of your life areas?  


  1. Assess your current situation that you have created
  2. Define what you want for your future
  3. Express in detail, how you would feel once you have that which you desire

Once done then focus on 3 main feelings to hold on to, as if what you want to achieve is happening right now.

Then watch as the Manifesting Magic begins…..


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