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This is week 3 of my amazing “awakening to manifesting” trip to California. More about that in a moment – Firstly,  I would like to share something with you that I believe is important

Last week I shared a video on Facebook, which seems to be hitting home with quite a few people as it was, and still is, getting a lot of heartfelt comments.

In it “rebel pastor” Nadia Botz-Weber talks about “Why we should Forgive Assholes!” and how you become free by not holding on to the energy of the hurt that they caused. I shared the post and added the comment –“Don’t drink the poison and expect them to die – Forgiveness is freedom! “

My V.I.P. coaching programme The Business SoulShift Principles, has 9 Success Principles  where the 9th is Give! Give! Give! – Give Thanks -Give Contribution – and For-Give!

The For-Give element looks at giving forth love. You clear the past hurt and pain from the wrongdoing that has caused the “emotional baggage” and give forth love to everyone concerned. While giving the most love to yourself, you then have plenty of love-overflow to give to the others. You move into your future with freedom from guilt, hurt or shame.

It does not mean you forget the lesson you learn from the experience.

These things are always sent as lessons to make us stronger so that we can manage the abundance and treasures that we are asking to come out from inside of us to show up into our lives.

If we can forgive we set an example to others, even the ones that have hurt us. We have to remember that they are in pain too or they wouldn’t behave like assholes in the way they have.

If you continue to hold onto the anger, shame, greif, jealousy, hatred or any low vibration emotion that is not love or above then you will find that your body will become dis-eased and all sorts of illnesses and inflammation will build up in your body. 

My biggest forgiveness was to my Step-Dad – the father of my 2 brothers – who murdered my Grandmother in front of my eyes as she tried to escape from him. This was after he had stabbed my mother in the chest and back right in front of us kids, with intention of killing her as well. Mum had left him to escape his violence and physical abuse. Unfortunately he found us!  I saw him plunge the knife into her chest. I was 7 years old….

(I’m finally writing my story in my long awaited book, where you will have the details of this part of my journey)

It was not until I was in my 40’s that I started to embrace the relief and freedom of forgiveness – and how sweet that feeling was! I had carried the weight of hate and resentment for him as well as my own father – reasoning that if my Father had not left my Mother she would not have been with my Step-Dad and my Gran would still be alive.  

There have been many other times I can recall that I have been through pain, hurt, betrayal and grief caused by another and I can honestly say to you that forgiveness gives you peace and freedom to live and love into a brighter future.


Which brings me to my trip to LA!

If you know me you will recall me talking about my dream is to have a “5 bedroom house overlooking water in San Francisco/ California.” I had been saying that for years – never really allowing myself to buy into it – not just yet!

It was after I started going through the processes in my own course again, back in February, I realised I had been focusing so much on my client’s success and results that I was paying no attention to progressing my own needs and desires!

Back then I had started a group coaching Masterclass and each week I would go through one of my 9 SoulShift Principles along with my students, remembering who we are and why we are here. As I pointed out above the 9th Principle is Give! Give! Give! = Give thanks – Give contribution and For-Give  

Apart from forgiving others as I spoke of earlier, this is where I allowed myself to forgive ME!  To forgive myself properly for all my debts and wrong doing that I had knowing or unknowingly caused. I forgive myself for the weak thoughts I had about myself and disrespecting God’s creation – that is ME!

I allowed myself to love the real me – the beautiful, magnificent me, that has always been there before all the crap happened to hide me from myself.

I felt free to allow what and who I am – out from the inside of me. I think I was afraid to believe that I was worthy enough to have my heart’s desires. I just focused, felt into how I wanted to feel (cleared the negative feelings with EFT) and let that beautiful love filled emotion resonated out into the world!

The next thing I know I’m here in LA writing this post and being in love with the realisation that I am a magical, manifesting being – All I have to do is visualise and feel into what’s already inside me and take action on the 9 SouShift Principles.

So watch this space – as I report on my journey to my heart’s desires.

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With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x

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