20150516_132430Hello Business Lover!

“It was 11am on Saturday morning and I was late……!”

People love stories, there is no doubt about it. It must be something to do with the feeling of mystery and intrigue while at the same time it’s a reminder of our early childhood where we were introduced to the magic of fairy tales and movies.

In actual fact it was 11am and I was late – for a conference! I was privileged to be gifted a ticket for my birthday by my good friend Sherril Fuller to The Extraordinary Lady Speaks conference in Croydon. There we witnessed 14 amazing and inspirational ladies tell their tails of past hardship and adversity to the present day where they are all on a mission to help others going through similar or to stop them from getting to that awful place where they had been.

Their stories gave hope to those who are open to turning their lives around and lift themselves out of the mire. Indeed the conference was hosted by Sandra Nelson of Lift Effects her motivational event company.

All of the stories were insightful and inspiring; however one in particular was really touching. The speaker, my good friend  Dion Johnson was given a well deserved a standing ovation. I pondered on what made the difference between her speech and the others.

We worked out that Dion’s speech actually drew us into her world.  We could relate to everything she was saying as if it were us going through the pain and ridicule that she suffered. Everyone else spoke “at” us.  They gave us facts and figures and insights and yes, some did draw us into their tale, however there was something more about Dion’s.

I notice that Dion used plain language and  lots of humour. She asked questions and later on asked us the audience directly if we were wearing a mask in our lives – are we hiding our light? I think this got us all thinking because we know deep down that we are hiding and we can do better.

If we really want to make a difference to the people that we are serving with our businesses then being true and authentic with our story is what people “buy” about us. Telling our stories about how much we love what we do and most importantly “why” we do it is the thing that touches people’s deepest emotions. It’s our ESP = Emotional Selling Point.

Simon Sineck says in one of my favourite TEDtalks, “People don’t buy “what” you do – they buy “why” you do it” 

So my tip today is to find as many places as possible to tell your story – tell your “love story” of why you love your business. What’s the pain to pleasure that you have been through to want to bring hope of better to your customers and clients?

What’s your love story?

As for me? – I’m going to re-write “My Story” page and add my “love story”. So look out for the re-write and let me know what you feel.

Have a great goodfeeling week!

With love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x 



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Based on her Values of Freedom, Knowledge, Influence, Passion, Financial Independence and Love, Jennifer is dedicated to creating an empowering community of Business Lovers who want to cause change in the world through their business by doing what they love. 

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