Hey Superstar!

Happy Easter – Passover – White Days of Rajib – and any other spiritual celebration that you are enjoying right now!

I can feel it in the air! For me this is a time for self-reflection on what we have experienced, what we have achieved and what we have learnt during Q1 of the business year.  And a time for looking forward to what’s possible – what we can create for our lives and our business.

Add this to the notion that we are also in Mercury retrograde – where the planet Mercury looks as though it’s travelling backwards, and this time always brings situations where communications get screwed up big time – verbal and written – Wifi – IT – travel –– transport systems, etc. And as you know miscommunication can cause chaos, disruption and disputes. To me this is the Universe showing us that it is a time for slowing down and taking time to reflect (while the aforementioned communication is sorted out).

As entrepreneurs it’s all too easy for us to be on the hustle for the next client – the next sale or the next promotion opportunity of what you love to do. However, coming from that “state of being” all the time can lead to burn out and depletion.

It much better to be coming from a place of  – “Where is the next opportunity to be of service and who might that person be and where are they?”

When you take time out to take stock of what you have to offer, how you are being in the world – what your core values are and how they align with who you want to serve, you are more likely to have your people come to find you because they resonate with you on a deeper level. No need to hustle – just flow! 

You also realise that those people can be from anywhere in the world and from any race, religion or creed; because they hold the same values and have the pain or problem that you want to help with. 

So, as you read this, even if it’s not a religious holiday for you (or Mercury in retrograde!) – why not make it a regular habit to take time out to rest, reflect and create possibilities for yourself, your life, your business – and humanity?


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With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x

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