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So What is Emotional Freedom?

It’s overcoming your illusion of fear that stops you from being who you are meant to be in this world and moving back into remembering who you really are – Fun-loving, Fearless, Free, and Fulfilled. Being the embodiment of Love.  Being You!

That’s easier said than done – right?

We are essentially emotional beings. Emotions are what we use to make sense of our existence in the world. We make important choices and decisions based on how we feel and then justify our choice with our logical thinking.

Emotion says – I’m buying that gorgeous Aston Martin with the baby blue chassis and white leather interior with 2000 bhp – 0 to 60 in 2 seconds! How amazing will I FEEL when it is mine! I’m all excited!

Logic says – I’m buying that latest Aston Martin because it will be a good tax break…. because it’s positioning my brand and will attract more high-end clients!

Emotional freedom is NOT a life or state of being, with no emotions.

Imagine what our world would be like if we had no emotions! – No joy – no happiness – no love! No negative emotions either! So, no sorrow – depression – guilt – grief…

Life would be a dull boring existence – merely to exist in a dull grey experience.

Emotional freedom is being free of negative, emotional extremes that stay with us in the form of energetic stress in the body – that can actually affect our health, wealth, productivity, relationships, behaviour and our success in life.

As an example, I recently had a client who was so affected by the trauma of a past abusive relationship that she developed a terrible rash all over her body that plagued her for over 3 years! – This affected her ability to get work as a dancer!

After our very first session of EFT the rash began to clear up. With subsequent sessions we worked on clearing the emotions of self hate, victimhood, feeling unsafe and more that came up. We instilled confidence, self love and her values. She soon started to get work again and has since found a new partner who gives her the love that she deserves and she is able to trust again.

Anger –  Grief – Depression – Anxiety – Guilt – Jealousy – Self doubt – Low self worth – FEAR!

All of those negative emotions could be living in your subconscious as a memory, reminding you of the time when you were not in safe place, while your ego comes into play. Your ego’s job is to keep you from stepping into the unknown / danger. It stops you from trying new things, being curious and spontaneous, exploring new possibilities because it is fearful that you will get hurt again. Not realising that there really is nothing to fear.

The Universe is always configuring to give you what you ask for from a place of love.

You only have to realise that all the things in your life that have appeared to be a mistake or a disappointment have been the lessons you needed to learn on the way to your heart’s desires.

Think of emotion as “energy in motion” – So discovering and releasing the energetic charge around these unwanted emotions will free you up to be able to feel confident, loved, safe, relaxed in the knowledge that you can change your state – which affects your behaviour and take the actions to give you the results that will create the life you deserve. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is my go-to tool as a coach to help my clients dissolve  those negative emotions and clear the path to their success in their life or business.

So, are you feeling powerless to move forward with your project – performance – productivity or your venture? For example; do you keep getting stuck at the same point – not earning enough no matter what you do – being afraid to get visible and share your message – enduring difficult relationships that affect your productivity and business – plus a whole lot more?……

Then I invite you to let me begin to help you get clear of your subconscious, emotional blocks to belonging, being free, being loved and being YOU! 

I offer a complementary Business SoulShift Consultation, where I free up 30 – 45 minutes (limited slots per month) to look at what’s stopping you from moving forward from where you are to where you want to be and begin to clear the pathway to your life and business success. 


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