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Are you hopeless at keeping your New Year resolutions?

We are into the second week of 2012 and I bet you have broken your resolutions already!

Do me a favour and do something different this year. How about getting serious about making them happen?

One of the main reasons that you may fail to follow through on your resolutions is because they are not worthy in the first place. They are not worth doing. If they were, you would have found a way, no matter what!

The trick here is to ask yourself 2 things when you are setting your goals.

Firstly – “What exactly do you want to achieve?” Write this down.

Then write the outcome in detail to the point where you can see it, taste it, feel it, hear it, hear comments about it. In other words play it out in your mind so that you see the consequences of what you are about to do.

How does it make you feel? Make a note of these feelings.

Next question … This is the most important question.


Why are you choosing to achieve this goal? After all it is your choice to do this isn’t it.

Is your answer “hubby/wifey wants me to” or “Mum thought it was a good idea” or “Just because…“, then I put it you that you are highly unlikely to make it happen.

Your reason for doing it must touch you on a deeper level.

It must connect with you emotionally.

For example if your goal is to stop smoking because your partner keeps nagging you then that may not be a good enough reason.

However if you believe that you will feel great, look good and be able to take part in outdoor activities with your kids and have some fun and enjoyment with friends and be around to see your grand children, then you are more likely to endure what it takes, keep on track then eventually stop smoking.

If you do it for sponsorship to raise money for a charity you are held even more accountable.

Now the “Why?” is worthy enough.

If it’s aligned with your own core values then even better.

Having a big juicy “Why?” will be your driver. It will keep you going no matter what.

This has an added bonus too.

You will attract supporters to your mission or vision. When people see that you are serious about what you want to achieve you’ll be surprised how they rally to champion your cause. They will want to get on board and help you get to your destination. You might even influence them to do the same as you.

So really think about choosing to make those resolutions worthy – you never know how many people you might touch.

Or just don’t make them at all…!

(PS – One of my goals is to be fitter this year, so to start I aim to lose a dress size by March 31st and take up Yoga.

My “Why?” is complete vanity – I want to get into this lovely top I bought – watch this space!)

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Happy New Year!

With Love – Together – We Can!

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