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The time management problem/solution has been one of the main focuses of Life & Business coaching since the idea begin way back in the last century – with people like Steven Covey and John Whitmore advocating ways to manage your time.

Firstly, I must point out that it’s impossible to “manage time” – time runs on relentlessly. That would be like putting a lasso around it and tying it to your desk.

However, what you can do is manage your self and how you use your gift of time; and it is truly a gift. We all are privilege to have the same amount of it per day – maybe not as equal in terms of how long we are here. Never-the-we have the same 24 hours as Sir Branson, Lord Sugar and Lady Winfrey.

You may note that they can run empires in their 24/7 while some of us have a real challenge with keeping ourselves on track.

Time is a precious gift and with a bit of planning, we can make so much more of it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can easily be distracted.  What I have realised is when I have more time I get less done. However, if there is a looming deadline I get really focused and the task is done on time and to the brief.

Which proves Parkinson’s Law – “the tasks expands to fit the time allocated to it”

I’ve  developed a simple system that works really well for keeping me focused and getting things done.

  • Firstly, have an objective or outcome, – if you don’t know where you are going, you will probably get there. For example; I want my desk cleared by the end of the day … or … I’d like to go that fab art exhibition at the end of the week…
  • Plan in regular planning time – it saves so much faffing about in the long run.
  • Don’t forget to plan in some “Me time”. It’s really important to put you first. Cheryl Richardson calls it Extreme Self-care, because it’s that important! If you let your self go everything else falls apart.
  • Set a specific time to pay attention to your “Social Media Time Vampire” – get in and get out – just remember you are not missing out on anything important or you would have been called on the phone!  Just like a Soap opera you can pick up the storyline when you dip back in – anything of importance that you need to know then you can call the person direct, assuming they are real friends. Anything generic that you want to post can be scheduled on Hootsuite. Get your real-time life back. Simple!
  • When I write my to do list –
  1. I put down everything that I think needs to be done.
  2. Allocate how long each task should take me. It can sometimes add up to more than 24 hours!!
  3. Break down the longer tasks into smaller chunks.
  4. Then prioritise the ones I have to do today within the time I have.
  5. Delegate the things I can’t do today either to someone who can or to another day.
  6. Then shrink the times I’ve allocated to the task to half.

For example –  I want to Create Best Direction Charts for my clients = 2 hours. I’ll split this into 1 hour today, 1 hour tomorrow. I then make sure I get it done in 30 mins. Turn off the phone, Facebook, etc. and focus! Don’t allow any distractions until it’s done. That gives me 30 mins of time back. By now I’m on a roll ready to do the next tasks on the list.  This method leaves less time for me to get distracted.

Parkinson’s Law states “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

I suggest you take some time out now and look at the way you are spending your gift of time or wasting it as the case may be.

You are here for a purpose.  We need what you have to offer. Are you using any of your gift of time for getting your message out there? Are you doing the things that will make a difference to your life, your lifestyle and the world?

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Jennifer  x


Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte 

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