Hello Superstar!

Is your subconscious mind holding you back from having the success that you desire?

You know that you have something special you want to share with the world that you are passionate about.

You know it will make a huge difference, touch people’s lives and you would love to earn good money for doing it.

Somehow it’s not quite working out the way you want it and you are not sure why.

You believe that you are doing all the right things – getting up early to go networking with right people, doing your admin, making phone calls, posting on social media, doing the actual work for your clients or creating for your audience etc. It feels like you are not making progress and walking through treacle!

Fears and doubts start to creep in and you start to think that what you are aiming to do is maybe a bad idea.

You know what I mean – it’s that little voice over your shoulder telling you that you’re not going to make it, you are not good enough, you haven’t got what it takes. It keeps nagging until it gets to point where it’s easier to just give up – so you start thinking about going back to having a job for the rest of your life!

That voice is your subconscious negative, limiting beliefs! It is something that we all suffer from and there are some effective ways to turn them around so that we can have the success we are after.


If you think about it we are all born the same. We know nothing, we believe nothing. We are like a blank canvas waiting to be painted.

As we grow we take on the beliefs of the people who influence us. That’s our parents, teachers and peers as teenagers, our employers, politicians, religious leaders and so on.

Did you know that up to about 80% of the vocabulary that we hear by the time we are 5 years old is negative?  “No!” – “Don’t!” – “Stop!”….  That’s apparently because the people around us are hard wired for looking out for any potential danger and to protect us from ourselves. Our primitive, basic instinct is telling us to “look out for that sabre toothed tiger!”…

And, as we grow we develop an image of ourselves that can be quite negative – we eventually believe that what has been programmed into us is actually real.


Let me tell you a something quite cool – Your mind can’t tell the difference between what is true and what is false!

You tell it something often enough – then, eventually that becomes your reality.

If you believe that you are useless or you don’t have confidence then you will behave as if that’s the truth.

If you believe that you are amazing and unstoppable then you will behave as if that is the truth.

The brain then looks for evidence to support the belief.

The good news is that we can reprogram those negative thoughts by using positive affirmations – AND create high vibration feelings  – AND take the actions that go with the thoughts and feelings – we will get the results that we are aiming for.


BELIEVE – is the 3rd of my Business SoulShift Principles and apart from utilising my favourite Emotional Freedom Technique in that module of my coaching programmes, I’ve had  great results from other techniques that have helped to shift mindset too.  One of them is from a great healer and motivational thought leader Byron Katie . Here are her 4 simple yet powerful questions to ask yourself that I have found to really open our minds to a new way of thinking about what we believe about ourselves.

So grab a pen and paper then write down your limiting beliefs. The little subconscious “monkey mind chatter” that you keep hearing.  It could be “I’m too old to start my business” or “I’m too young to be a speaker” – “I’ve no confidence to make the phone calls”  – “I’m not good enough to be a dancer! – “ I’m a lousy singer” etc.

Ask yourself-

  1. “Is it really true?”

Do I know without a doubt that it’s true? Where is the evidence that this is true?


  1. “What is the cost of this belief?”

What does it cost you in life? What could you be missing out on or denying yourself? What are you denying the people who need your help?


  1. “Who would I be without this thought if it were not true?”

How would you be different?


  1. “How could the opposite of my belief also be true?”

If we created the negative belief then we can surly create a new positive belief.



Create a new statement for yourself using the 3 ‘P’s’

Personal – “I”

Present – “am / have a”

Positive – ” great – fantastic  – beautiful …”

…cook – singer –body”

For example –

“I have a beautiful body”- your mind will look for the evidence by helping you make the right choices for your meals. You will want to go and do exercises and buy yourself some lovely clothes because that’s what people with beautiful bodies do.

“I am an outstanding coach” – your mind will check and find the evidence that you have the right questions and guidance for your client, because that is what coaches who are outstanding do.

“I am a brilliant singer-songwriter”your mind will click into your creative vault and look for evidence that you are the brilliant creative star that are born to be. 

Say this new affirmation over to yourself daily, especially when you hear your negative head talk. Your mind will look for evidence to support the new statement. Write it on a Post It and keep it somewhere you will see it all day.

It will take time for the new belief to show results – remember that your negative belief has been there since you were young. So have patience and keep going.

Keep the vision that you have in mind for the way you want to live, work and serve your people.


Then this is where I can come in with a deeper-level of unblocking your negative thoughts and feelings. By shifting the energetic charge around your negative emotions that may be holding you back from really manifesting all that you desire for your life.

You are here for a reason and you have amazing Divine gifts and talents to share with the world that only you can do. So clear your doubts and fears, get into your positive zone and go shine your light.

The world is waiting for your love!


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