Hello Superstar! 

Sometimes life brings us challenges and it when you find the strength, clarity and creativity to overcome those challenges you realise that they came to you for a purpose. You can use what you learn to help solve people’s problems, create a better life for yourself and for others, and somehow make the world a better place for you being here.

Here is my interview Simone Vincenzi for the “Adversity to Celebrity” session at my Business Love – London launch in June 2016 –

Simone tells of his journey from growing up Italy to surpass a very difficult upbringing and succeeding as the youngest Michelin Star Restaurant manager. Then moving to London, to be living on the streets and then from there to now being the top class coaches mentor and international motivational speaker that he is today.

(Apologies for the sound quality – it is worth staying in there to the end).

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Thank you Simone! 

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