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Even though we are passionate about that something special we bring to the world our passion alone won’t pay the rent!

We must  have clients and customers who want to pay us plenty for our offerings. 

So how do you get enough of the right clients and customers into your business?

I do say “the right clients” because the last thing you need is to have engagement with clients who don’t want to pay you or they are a challenge to work with because they don’t see the value of what you are doing for them.

And the biggest frustration is not having enough of them!

To overcome this, the most effective thing to do is to define your ideal client  or soul-mate clients, then attract them into your space. This means narrowing down to one particular type of person who will almost be guaranteed to buy from you because you know that you have a solution for their specific frustration or pain or you can bring them pleasure, at this particular time.

Oh no! I hear you cry. Won’t I be missing out on some of the people who need my services?

Well here is the thing – You know that your services or products will benefit everyone. However marketing to everyone is like firing a shotgun in the dark and hoping you hit something. You can’t market effectively to 7.2 billion. 

You might make s few sales for your effort – and this can turn out to be expensive as you have to shoot many more times to be able to hit your target.

It would be much more time, effort and money efficient if you know exactly who you were aiming for, where they are and what they need.

Like firing a rifle directly at you target – knowing you have higher chance of hitting first time.

The trick here is to define your ideal client. The perfect person who you love to work with and they love what you have to offer. Once you know who that person is you will be able to craft a message so that they will hear you above the noise and see your product or service a perfect for them – they will be attracted to you rather than you hunt them down.


Here are 7 simple steps that will help you to define your ideal client who loves you and is desperate to work with you

  1. WHO IS YOUR SOUL-MATE CLIENT? Decide who you would love to work with – your dream client. See them as one person who will direct all your messages
  2. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM? – Write down everything you know about them – what they look like – their likes and dislikes – their spending patterns – their level of education.
  3. WHAT IS THEIR BIG WHY? Write down what you know about their frustrations and what keeps them up at night.
  4. Think about what they would love to have instead of that pain.
  5. Create an amazing solution you have for their pain or can give them pleasure.
  6. Write down several places where you know they hang out – both online and offline.
  7. Craft your message that will let them know you are the one with the solution for their pain.


Once you have your ideal client clearly designed the next step is to craft your message so that they can hear you.

Now you will know the type of person they are, you can speak their language, address their pains and frustrations and tell them about your solutions to help them feel better.

Now you can touch them emotionally because you know them inside and out.

People always buy on emotional triggers and justify their purchase with logical reasoning. Achieving that would be so much harder if you tried to target everyone.

If you know who you would love to work with, and the specific solutions you have for their pains and fears then get to be known as the person who can help with that, you will soon be attracting instead of hunting. Which is so much nicer for you. You will be more calm and less frustrated yourself. It will be joy to do your valuable work. 

For example – If you are a network marketer in the health field – and you chose your ideal customer as young mums because you love working with them. You would speak of their pain in terms of getting rid of “baby fat”, restoring energy, developing healthy eating habits etc… And explain how you you help them with your product or service.

If you are a reflexologist – and you chose to work with people working in corporate companies because you love helping them. You would speak of their pain in terms of stress, overwork, irregular hours causing under productivity and by having regular reflexology treatments you could help them restore their health which would help them achieve more in their life and work in a more relaxed way.

So now you can see how you can speak to your potential customers pain because you know them so much better than before.

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