Hello September!

(New month – New hair!)

Look out Christmas here we come!

Smile as we come into Quarter 4 of a fantastic year.

2019 has been a very interesting, full of twists and turns and revelations.

Everyone I come in contact with speaks of feeling that something is awakening inside them.

They are becoming more conscious of the way the world works and how they no longer want to be in “the cage”.

They are looking for freedom!

Freedom to be who they are and have the things they love. And most of them are not talking about possessions; they are speaking of experiences and feelings.

As a life and business coach and now interior re-stylist, working with business people, I can see how they hustle and grind to get more stuff and not have time to spend with the people they care about – who would rather have their time together than the next, latest trending thing.

So this September, on the run up to Christmas, take some time out to really think about what you are going to buy to add to the stuff you and your loved ones already have. Think about the quality of the item and how you or they are going to L O V E it.

And when it is no longer loved how are you going to dispose of it from your home?. The item will have been made from resources from the Earth and will have to be ditched somewhere back to the Earth. How will your actions affect the environment?

Just be happy with the thought that you are a soul-conscious shopper – Happy September!

Jennifer x



Lifestyle Restyle Specialist & Business Coach

Coaching busy business people to embrace a new way of living