This is a well known saying that has been bandied about for a long time.

We know it to be true and yet we are not being taught some basic fundamental skills that will serve us for a lifetime.

Things like how to handle a bank account – so that you can manage your money.

How to handle money – so that you don’t get into debt.

How to have effective conversations – so that you build meaningful relationships.

How to tidy your room – so that you are not subconsciously stressed!


When we go to school we are there to learn how to pass exams, so that we can get a job and be enslaved to the system that keeps us confused, resigned and cynical. (Just my opinion!)

School does not equip you with basic skills that could help you have an amazing life. We only get the one shot so why shouldn’t it be amazing?

What we truly want as human beings is –  to be free, to belong and to be loved.

From the dawn of time… or at least from the early writings and scriptures, we know that mankind has been given free will do as he pleases. So long as we come from a place of love we can have our hearts true desires.

However somewhere along the line we have developed this imaginary emotion of fear.

So now instead of being in a state of love, compassion, joy, happiness, benevolence and grace, we are living in FEAR!


We live in fear of losing …

Losing our jobs – because then we won’t be able to pay the rent or the mortgage on our overpriced apartment or huge house.

We won’t be able to buy the things to fill these places with all the stuff that we are being sold that we have to have in order to belong – be loved – be free!

“Buy this drink!” – it will make you look good so that you will be attractive to your tribe or that girl you are trying to pull.

“Buy this car!” –  for the same reason as above.

“Buy this outfit!” – get that promotion that you are after, so you can work longer hours, to earn more money, to buy more stuff, to fill your overpriced home…..


Then what happens?  You end up working in a spin and not have any time to organise your belongings. You come home to an untidy environment which plays on your subconscious.

Your stress levels remain high when instead they should be calming down when you enter your home – your sacred sanctuary.

From the elements, to our offices, to our homes, to even our cells in our body, it has been proven that our environment is highly, highly important to our state of mind and our survival.

In fact we create our environment from the inside out.

If we believe that we are safe, secure, loved and we have the ability to go where we please then that is what will show up for us in our lives.

If we believe that the world is a stressful, even dangerous place then that will be what shows up for us in our reality.

One of the most fundamental ways of beginning to tackle our fear based thinking is to start to love and honour ourselves.

Then we go on to love and honour our possessions – after all we work hard to have the things we want to share with the people we care about in our lives

So when we just accumulate stuff for the sake of looking good and “keeping up with the Jones’s” we are saying to ourselves that just being who we are is not good enough – we have to have more and more.

Also, if you are running on the treadmill to work harder and longer and not take time out for self-care you are saying to the world that you are not worth taking care of.

Also, when you accumulate things that are not loved, useful, beautiful or sentimental, then what are they doing in your Sacred Space?

I’m making it my mission to not only come to your home and HELP YOU declutter and redesign your Sacred Space (Give a man a fish….)

I also TEACH YOU how to declutter, organise your home and your entire life! (Teach him how to fish ….) for good!

  • Your relationships will improve.
  • Your money becomes more abundant.
  • Your health improves because you are less stressed and enjoy cooking and exercising again.
  • Your leisure and pleasure increases – because you have time to spend having a good time entertaining and having adventures
  • You are more creative and productive in business or work so you increase your earning potential – with ease!

You will feel like you have your life back and know who you are again.


If you have reached that stage where you know that something has to change then I’m here to help.

I offer personal intensive tutorials and coaching where I not only teach you a new way of living, and organising your things, I also work with you to declutter and redesign your entire life and help you achieve your heart’s desires.


Looking forward to your comments and please share if you find this useful – Many thanks 

With Love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x




Helping you with Sacred Self Care to clear your chaotic living space. get organised and create your Divine Sacred Space for ultimate home harmony