Hello Superstar!

I went from one Air BnB to another, to friends spare rooms and family sofas and their spare rooms. 
Over the last four years everywhere I went on my travels I felt that I was searching for something – My purpose, perhaps?
Looking back I realised that everywhere I stayed I left the people there feeling more inspired, energised, motivated, happier and full of love.
Then one day I realised that what I was doing was actually living my purpose anyway! Just by being me and doing me things!
It was right under my nose and I could not see it!
Can you relate?
I would arrive at my new place and as soon as I walked in I could sense the stuckness of energy within the home. I could also feel the emotional energy in the inhabitants and I can sometimes see energy fields too.
I have always had the ability to do this since I was I child. I never thought of it as anything special because I thought everyone could feel it too.
It was much later as an adult when I started to learn about energy work and do my training in massage therapy, life-coaching, and then became an EFT Master Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) that I realised that it is a special gift that we all have, it’s just that some of us have allowed it to flow and others have dumbed it down.
On my new adventure I would move in and tidy up, clear up the space as well as clean up the old energy getting it all flowing so that I could actually function and feel good while still operating my Coaching business – and then move on to the next place, still searching for my purpose – How crazy is that!!!
An added aspect to all this is that since my teens I’ve had a passion for beautiful interiors. I’d buy the magazines and books, go to the stores, visit markets etc. I would always be changing my bedroom around. When I got married my husband was a decorating contractor and I got a chance to work on some of his jobs as a decorative artist and design and make soft-furnishings for various projects. I studied interior design and decoration for years and somehow never started my own business around it.
I also have a passion for life and business coaching, helping my clients find their purpose and transform their lives in my Business SoulShift Principles course.

Just recently, I started to not only deliver the course I also take part in the programme as I take my clients through it.
On several occasions, whenever we would get to Module 6, where we have to work on Decluttering what no longer serves, I would delve into the coaching conversation and inevitably end up actually going out behind the scenes to help declutter my clients homes and offices! I never used to broadcasted this in public, because I was conscious that doing that work was not part of “my brand”.









I was about to go through my course for the 4th time and decided this time to be real and authentic with my answers. To speak my truth about what I really truly wanted for my own life and not just answer what I think my clients and the world would want to hear from me a Business Coach.
I wrote  –  “I want to create a world where every human being has a beautiful, functional, sensual, safe and loving place to call home: A sacred space where they can be fully self-expressed as the best version of themselves, relaxed, recouped, revived and ready to go out, connect and make a difference with their Divine gifts to the world.”
As soon as I wrote this my world began to FEEL lighter and brighter. That’s how I realised that what I had been doing as I travelled around and stayed in London, Hastings, Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles; was living my purpose all along.

My presence, my energy, my thoughts and ideas, my creativity and my love is my purpose. Me just being me!
So enough of me! What can I do for you?
If you are struggling with clutter chaos and you cannot get through the overwhelm. Or your space feels heavy and sticky. Or if you are having relationship or emotional challenges – and you know something has to change then it’s time to talk to me about my new virtual course.
I’ve added a new way for you to work with me where I have combined my many years experience as a coach and my passion and skills as an interior stylist into one simple 6 week course.
Where we work together via video call and I hold your virtual hand while I walk you through the difficult task of clearing your clutter chaos and then give you the confidence to create your Sensual Sacred Space
L.O.V.E. Your Clutter! –  is the course that will give you –

More Time – to do the things you prefer to do instead of hustling and searching.
More Money – free up the value in your unwanted passions and stop over-spending.
More Freedom – to be able move freely in and around all areas of your home and feel the flow of Chi energy.
More Connection – with the people you love and care about
More Control – learn the causes of clutter and how to keep it away forever!
More Love – When you learn to honour and love yourself it will reflect out into your home, your people, your community and to the world.
6 Weekly sessions – Via Zoom.com video

Work with me, one to one – Deep diving into the underlying causes of your clutter
Weekly private calls –  I walk you through your home decluttering as we go – with ideas, advice and suggestions for disposing, repurposing and organising your things
Virtual support – Interaction between sessions via email and private message
Emotional support – I will be available with my EFT expertise to help you with the sensitive emotional process of letting go of some the things that no longer serve you – and set you free. 
The Lifestyle Restyle Workbook – we work through my comprehensive workbook to support your learning and reference.
Normally I charge £3,800 for my 6 week Business Coaching courses.
As a special introduction to my new course –
it’s only £1,577.00 –  For a VERY limited time during the pandemic measures.

Book your 30 minute complimentary Discovery Call – for more details and information before you decide to –  
Clear your Clutter – Calm your Stress – Dissolve your Overwhelm – Create your own Sensual Sacred Space –  so that you can have harmony, prosperity, freedom, love and abundance and become the best version of you: Revived and ready to go out and make a difference in the world

If you or anyone you know is having a tough time with their cluttered living space then please make contact.