Hello Superstar!

Are you getting lost in the social media illusion?

Are you spending time comparing yourself to the beautiful people in the posts and videos?

How does it make you feel?

Happy, excited, inspired?

Or are you left feeling UGLY, unloved and unworthy?

Trust me when I say that getting lost in comparison is a trap!

As entrepreneurs we are encouraged to use social media as a means to promote our wares and our work. This of course means we should be presenting our best at all times.

Most people will only show off the “Highlights” of their lives, and even stage photos for the sole purpose of getting Likes and Followers. It does not mean that it’s their reality. It’s only a tactic to trigger an emotional reaction, because we tend to buy into things that touch our emotions, and then justify our connections or purchases with logic.

And of course these tactics have been used in marketing for eons – because they work!

When we now come to promote our own wares we can get caught up in the comparison game and begin to believe that we are not good enough or pretty enough to compete or that there is something more to get before we can show up and be accepted by our audience or potential customers. We have this going on inside of us because this is how we have been programmed by the “system”, to keep us separate and needy so that we can be controlled by the fear of loss or not belonging.

Unless you wake up to how you are choosing to be controlled it can stop you – Big time!

It stops you from living your best life – 

It stops you from going for your heart’s desires –

It stops you from openly receiving your abundance!

You can end up being stalled in doing your great work and showing up as your authentic self, being you – warts and all!


So right now I invite you to get in touch with your “UGLY”

Shine a light on that part of you that you believe is “ugly” unloved or unworthy.

I want you to take a look at the part of you that you are comparing to others and just ask yourself some deep questions …

What is my gift to the world?

Why am I so passionate about what I’m doing?

Who am I here to serve and how can I touch them?

Who do I want to become?

Am I truly connecting with my Divinity-energy?


Are you here to be like those illusionary “3D people” – Or to be the greatest version of yourself?


I suggest that you stay focused on your own desires, aspirations and purpose – tap into your feelings of joy, love and appreciation for yourself. Stay in your own lane and share your own story – your way!

I can guarantee that there is someone out there waiting for YOU to inspire or help them – just because you are YOU!

They like your character – They love your style -They feel a deep connection with you and only you – not Tony Robbins, Oprah or Marianne Williamson!


Just know that being all of you, “warts and all” – with your imperfections, your point of view and life journey is what makes you beautiful, authentic, different and appealing – to your people! They will LOVE your for it!

Ignore the illusion on social media and the media in general.

Come from a place of collaboration rather than competition. Think of yourself just as worthy of attention as the guys who have thousands of followers. Think of yourself as part of a movement alongside them, with each of us playing our part in raising the vibration of the planet, in our own authentic way for the greater good of all.

Focus on developing a relationship with yourself so that you know who you are and how powerful you are with your unique gifts that you are here to share with the world – and show up for the ones who are seeking you – just because you are you!!!

If you are having some real challenges with your self confidence and your identity as an entrepreneur then you are not alone – I’ve been where you are and managed to overcome – I now help my people to overcome and stand in their own light too.

I show up and share as and when I please and according to when I have something of value to bring. You may want to show up on a more consistent basis because that is how you want to roll – and that’s OK. When you find your flow don’t let anyone say you cannot do things your way. Your message is the most important thing.

Get in touch with your Ugly and you will realise that it is an illusion – Let it fade away – You are beautiful!

Now – Go Shine!


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If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or contact me. I’m only too happy to help you make a difference in the world and live your best life.


With Love -Together We Can!

Jennifer  x