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When I’m working with artist and performers I find that they have the ability to naturally fully express their pain, emotions and the learning journey through their work. Which is such an incredible talent. 

Resulting in some of the most beautiful and lasting pieces of work that touches so many people’s lives, allowing them in turn to be able to express from their heart.

For many artists and creatives that process can take it’s toll. If they spend a lot of time in that creative space too long, they can become overwhelmed with the low vibrations of sadness, loss, grief, shame and all sorts of emotional hurt that they can find it really difficult to rise out of that state without help and support. That is why I specialise in enabling  their Emotional Freedom. So that they can quickly get clarity, get back on track to do their great work for the world and not fall prey to the cycle of drugs, drink or any unnecessary, artificial support.

I recently came across this beautiful video from SEAN BURANAHIRAN and immediately I realised that it matched my philosophy around “Burning and Learning” – “ You have to go through fire fi mek steel!” as my mother would say.

Here is what I transcribed from the video – As you read his words always remember – Your scars are beautiful!


“When a bowl is broken in Japan it’s put back together with the cracks filled with gold, creating a beautiful lining. This is to emphasise the beauty in what was once broken. They believe that when something has suffered damage it makes it more beautiful.

The same goes for a human being.

Everything that you have been through… everything that you are going through does not make your life uglier. Although it may seem may seem that way when you are going through it.

It’s for us to choose to paint our struggles with gold and make them beautiful.

You are not broken beyond repair. You can pick yourself up and learn from what’s happened and become a better person from it because of the struggle that you have been through.

You can wear your scares proudly as a badge of honour as if to say “Look at what I’ve been through – it’s made me who I am today and I can get through anything life puts in front of me now.”

Nobody has had a perfect life and nobody ever will.

It’s only up to us to paint our broken pieces gold and make it beautiful.

Don’t be ashamed of what happened to you. Everything that has happened to you is for a reason. So the more we deny – the more we complain and don’t accept what’s happened to us then it doesn’t become useful.

The moment we accept what’s useful in the struggle that we have been through that’s just like us painting the cracks in our broken pieces gold, turning something that could be ugly into something beautiful and inspiring. When what you have been through is an inspiration for other people then it was all worth it.

So don’t get stuck on how things used to be.

I once read a quote that said – 

“Every next level of your life will demand a new you” and sometimes it takes being broken in order to become that new version of yourself.”



Isn’t that so beautiful?

Think of my practice of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as the gold I bring to mend you back together, so that you can shine your beauty in the world. It helps to clear the energetic charge around the unwanted, negative emotions held in the body that prevents productivity, prosperity and possibility.

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