Happy St. Valentine’s Day to everyone!

I’m all about the importance of clearing clutter-chaos and creating your home into your sanctuary – your safe place – Divine Sacred Space –  where you can retreat, relax and feel safe after a hard day’s work.

I think it’s also a place where we can express our love for the people we care about, especially on St Valentine’s Day.

Here are some tips for setting the stage for the most deep, intimate, loving encounter with yourself if you are single or with your significant other if you are a couple.

First, decide where you are going to set up your special space. The living room or bedroom are the most popular of course.

Next –  Whether you are Single or a Couple – Clear the space of all negative or weak energy. 

Here’s How – 

Tidy up!Make your space as tidy and inviting as possible. You really don’t want to be tripping over stuff on the floor or see piles of old magazines or ironing in the corners. It’s a time to treat yourself like a guest in a hotel or spa! You deserve it!

Smudge – Clear any negative or stale energy and bring in a sense of safety and protection by burning Palo Santo (Sacred Wood). It also is good for quieting the mind and helping us to focus. It’s time focus on what we desire!

Crystals – Rose Quartz – The go to stone for attracting unconditional love, romantic love, self love – all the loves!! It has the Divine feminine energy and allows you to open your heart to receive not only love but abundance. Placing iit n around your home also supports positive changes in life.

Feng Shui – For placement in the home – Stand at the entrance to the room and look at the far right-hand corner. That is your relationship corner. Make sure there is no clutter, mirrors, plants or work related things in that spot. Also have two of anything. Pink peonies have very attractive vibration. 

Scent – Our sense of smell is highly connected with our emotional expression and it holds memories. Have some beautiful scented flowers like roses beautifully displayed. Flowers always make you feel opulent and loved. 

Light – Ambient lighting always sets a mood. You can use candles (scented always helps) as well as up lighters and side lamps, and indeed, the light from the fireplace.

Feel – Have some beautiful tactile, soft cushions, throws , high thread-count cotton sheets etc., which will bring the touch of luxury and make you feel cherished.

Sounds – Use a singing bowl to further clear any jagged energy in your space. Play deep soulful tracks to set the mood – Marvin Gaye with Sexual Healing – Barry White or your fave playlists on Spotify or iTunes etc. Or you can have Indigenous American Flutes for connecting with your higher self. Very Tantric!

Taste – Instead of wine, you might want to have some Ceremonial Cacao to drink to open your heart to receiving all that love energy floating in the air.

Meditation – Singles 

Use your Divine imagination to feel into the person you are aiming to attract into your love life. Breathe deeply into their soul. They are seeking you too. Allow the sounds, scent, energy to flow into your soul and out to the cosmos to allow your soul-mate to find you.

Meditation – Couples 

Feel into the Sacred Space that you have both created. Take the time to look deeply into each other’s eyes and feel into their heart. Take deep heart soul-connected breaths, matching each other. Touch each other with a healing, loving touch – explore what pleases your lover.

Allow the sounds, the scents and energy to surround you both and wrap you into rapture ….


…… A Happy Ending to a Happy Valentine’s

With L.O.V.E – Together We Can! 

Jennifer x 

If you or anyone you know would like to enhance their Sacred Space for L.O.V.E. affection and relaxation – 



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