usain-bolt googleUsain Bolt did not win….

…the 100m sprint all by himself!


Hello Business Lover!

Shock! – “What do you mean? Are you crazy?” –  I hear you cry – After all we have just witnessed the fastest man on earth achieve his finest accolade of winning gold medals 3 times, in 3 events, in 3 consecutive Olympic Games – and this may never be beaten in our children’s lifetime. An amazing feat that we witnessed live or on TV where he ran and won ON HIS OWN!!!

So, why did I make that statement? When you think about it, in actual fact, there has never been anyone in the history of the planet that has achieved greatness without the support of a mentor, a coach, a team, supporters, followers, customers, clients, fans … I could go on.

Our superman had a secret army of support – they carried him to the finish line ahead of everyone else.

He had a coach – to hone his performance.

He had a dietician – I assume he would have, as his body is his tool and you can’t produce gold if you consume crap!

He had a mentor – Someone that he admired who had gone there and done it already.

He had a following – a group of people that he wanted to inspire and set an example to.

He had family – I believe his Mom was a great influence in keeping his mindset aligned with the task in hand and his feet on the ground.

He had a Big WHY – I’m not sure of his actual Big Why – I believe it could be that he wanted to be the best and prove it. (I’ll have to check that out the truth on that – I’ll let you know)

He had a commitment – Not just any old commitment – he had a soul commitment!

He had a deep, heart’s desire – A yearning to make his outcome happen just the way he wanted – at this level it cannot be done alone!

These are the people and things that supported him to do what he has done. So well done Usain and crew!

You too may have a deep heart’s desire, such as to have a successful business or, even before that – You have something special that you love to do and want to share it with the world.  How are you going to achieve that? How are you going to do that all by yourself?

I’ve learnt the hard way over the many years that I’ve been in business and management, that it’s not easy to grow and achieve great things all on your own. With the low-level mindset that I had I used to try and not bother people or ask for help. It was OK for me to help others, like some martyr, but not OK for me to ask or accept it for my projects. I soon realised that I was insulting the people who willing wanted to help me. People naturally want to help. Why should I have the monopoly of being the one to help everyone else!

So, even if you are running your business on your own and doing all the activities yourself some things will have to change in order for you to grow your business and make a difference.

  1. You will have to sell more stuff to more people; and to do that you will have to connect with more people. – How are you going to attract more people?
  1. You will have to eventually get some assistance – Who would be the right person and what will they be best at doing?
  1. You will have to find expertise in order to learn the bits you don’t already know. Such as a mentor, a coach or be in a community of people with expertise so you can share knowledge resources and support each other. Where do you begin?

Fortunately! The thing I love to do is bring people together. Business Love is the club where you’ll find the support I know you are seeking. Here I have created a community of like minded entrepreneurs who have at least 10 years + of business experience and are lovingly willing to share what they already know and are open to learn from their peers. In addition to this, I am a coach and mentor and so are several of the members. 

We all have the same vision, that of wanting to share our gifts and talents to make an impact – make money and make the world a better place by doing what we love.

The power of collaboration has helped me to bring Business Love into being – My team are passionate about what we are aiming for the future of the club. They believe in the vision that the world can be a better place if we lovingly come together to share and support each other to be financially independent and wealthy and help others around the world to rise, achieve and come from a place of love too.

If we share enough love through our work we can see that war, starvation and fear-based living will be a thing of the past and that we will look back and wonder at how we could ever have allowed such pain and sorrow to happen.

If you want to become the Usain Bolt in your business, share you gifts and that something special that you have for the world, set an example thand achieve the best, then I invite you to find out about the Business Love Club and how to become a member.  So that we can connect, communicate and collaborate!

Email me and I’ll send you some info – Or sign up for my Business Love Letters – my weekly newsletter and you will get all the info as soon as it is available and have some juicy tips and resources to help you grow your Business Love – make an impact – make money – make the world and better place.


With Love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x





Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte

Jen - Hastings0009Based on her Values of Freedom, Knowledge, Passion, Financial Independence and Love, Jennifer specialises in empowering inspired men and women to connect with their passion, purpose and prosperity so that they can make an impact, make money and make this world a better place.

When she is not working easy she is playing hard!!! – Jennifer loves music, dancing, watching seriously old movies, writing, cooking and eating “delish!” meals with family and friends, adores her children and can be seen jogging around the streets of London in the early hours.

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