Hello Beautiful!

What is Brilliance?

What makes a person Brilliant?

What makes you Brilliant?

Those are all very common questions, because we all want to shine, be attractive and be special. We see other people being brilliant and wonder how they do that. Is it some magic, or are they just born geniuses?

In fact it’s not as hard as you may think.

So how do you become brilliant?

Firstly to be brilliant you have to shine at doing something.
You don’t have to be a Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, but in any way, shape, size or form, whatever you are really good at, that’s what makes you shine.

Your brilliance tends to show itself if you are great at solving particular problems, which can even be as simple as.

  • Coming up with ideas for meals – when it looks like there nothing in the cupboard.
  • Making wonderful flower arrangements – out of a some twigs and a few buds.
  • Talking to people and making them feel fabulous when you’re with them and they miss you dearly when you leave them.
  • Being great at educating someone about an unusual topic.
  • Or stunningly good at entertaining people with a hidden talent.
  • In your business or workplace you could be the “go to” person to get things done or generate new ideas.

I’m sure you can think of something special that you can do too.
Being helpful and solving problems will make your Brilliance shine.

2  –  Don’t complain and moan – Brilliant people just get on with figuring things out – they don’t focus on the problem, they see it and then spend their time working on  the solution and they are happy to do so.
Learn to find the gem in an apparently bad situation and let it shine.

3 – Be a great giver and a gracious receiver. Recognise that what you can give of your light is more valuable than what you can gain. So focus on the giving. Be generous with what you share of your light and you will see that with giving you create a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum – so it will fill the void with something of the same value, if not more – so be generous with your ideas, gifts, solutions, knowledge and expertise.
Your Brilliance will reward you.

4  –  Be willing to step into the light and do something you’ve never done before.  Stretch that comfort zone! What’s outside it will soon be inside it and thereby you will grow and your brilliance shine more.
Be seen and be willing to be vulnerable.

5  –  Be willing to shine your light for more than just yourself and bring others into your light too. Think bigger – think the world  – think how many people you can share your light with.  Who can you help around the world – do you have a bigger vision mission?
Maybe it’s time to explore one.

6   –  Be open to other peoples light too. You will find like attracts like. As you start to shine you become a beacon for like minded people.  New clients, new friends, supporters of your cause, willing collaborators, all gather around your radiance.
Like moths to a light bulb!  (I don’t like the flame analogy – the poor moths get burnt!) 

7  –  Always hold this truth – You are brilliant! – you’re are a diamond! – Unique!  There are no two alike. You have your own special place in the world and by shining your light you will see how different you are and therefore rare and – oh so valuable!

You are Gods own creation waiting to be shown to the world.

We all have brilliance and we all need to be buffed and polished every now and then. Some of us have never even been shown the light, we are still stuck in the ground waiting to be mined.

Decide to commit to change.

Decide to commit to the challenge.

Decide to commit to shine and be brilliant!!

Get up! Step up! And do something Brilliant right now!

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You deserve your most wanted desires. 

 I can’t wait to see you shine!


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Jennifer x


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