Old habits die hard – as they say!

And the habit of creating clutter in your home and life is one that can creep up on you and take over. Pretty soon you become “clutter blind” to the accumulation or mess you have created and this can subconsciously put you in survival mode in your own home.

Added to this, I can imagine you being busy in your business or job which takes a lot of energy and focus. Where your adrenalin and cortisol are high helping you cope with the pressures. Again, you’re in survival mode – which means that you are in survival mode all day long!

This can eventually show up negatively in your health, productivity, relationships and even your finances!

All of this because in the past you created a bad habit where you are now “trapped in a prison” of repeating over and over with no relief.

How about changing that by becoming the “architect of your future” and choose to do something about it? Choose to build some new habits!

How about making the decision to find a way that you can clear all your clutter-chaos and shame, calm down your cortisol confusion and create a space that you truly desire to live in?

The first step is to recognise that you have control over your environment.

Whatever is showing up for you in your life both physically and emotionally is what’s going on inside you. And if this is the case you can change it all by shifting your mind-set and heart-set. Ask yourself “Who do I want to become?” and “What are my true desires – what do I really want?”

Next step – write everything down – and really focus on taking charge of your life to make it happen.

If you need help with any of this feel free to get in touch. I’ll gift you some advice and suggestions to get you started.

I’ll also explain how I work differently to any other declutter coach/consultants. Also why my results last so that your clutter never raises its ugly head again!

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