Hello Business Lover!

Happy New Year!

I just know that we are going to have so much amazing fun in 2017 that I’m about to burst with excitement!!

Over the last month and during the Festive season I had time to look at my life and my business and think about what I really wanted for my future.
I came to thinking that sometimes in life you may find yourself on the wrong path. It may seem like you are pushing a boulder uphill or going against the flow of the river.
I’ve always believed that we are here to do what we love and if we are finding it a struggle to move in a certain direction  then it’s probably our Higher Self or soul telling us  – (no in fact it’s’ screaming at us!) – that it knows we are heading for something that we really, deep down, don’t want to experience.
Looking back at 2016 I can clearly see that it was the case for me. I was trying to give and serve in an area that I would be less effective than I would wish for my clients, my followers and you my Business Lover.
So instead of calling it a day,…. I spent some time in a period of self reflection in which I recognised that the area of life where I do my best work,  get the best results, that brings the most joy, is seeing my people transform from where you are to where you would love to be. From feeling frustrated to finding your flow: From pain to purpose. From problem to possibility. Having fun, feeling free, being fulfilled with what you love to do and making a difference to your family, friends, clients and team members. And achieving your heart most wanted desires. 

So I’m preparing an outstanding group coaching programme that focuses on you the business owner and your personal transformation first, then to work on the business evolution.

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My commitment to you in these Business Love Letters is still to bring you the very best of what I’m learning, my thoughts, ideas and information from my connections with influential experts in the field of business and mindset. Look out also for some fabulous freebies to help you on your journey to your irresistible Lifestyle Business.

Let me know how 2016 was for you and what plans, goals and dreams you have for 2017
And look out for some juicy audacious things I have planned for you and your evolution in 2017

I can feel it’s going to be amazing!!!

With Love – Together, We Can!
Jennifer x



Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte

Helping Lifestyle Business owners to clear mindset, money and momentum struggles, so that they can stop the confusion, gain confidence, convert sales and have more fun, freedom, fulfilment while making a difference in the world. 

When she is not working easy she is playing hard!!! – Jennifer loves music, dancing, watching seriously old movies, writing, cooking and eating “delish!” meals with family and friends, adores her children and can be seen jogging around the streets of London in the early hours.

Jennifer is a Professional Lifestyle Business Specialist

Author – Coach – EFT Master Practitioner  – Teacher – Speaker

Mother – Daughter – Sister and Loyal Friend