girl-and-christmas-presentMerry Christmas Business Lovers!

As we move into the Festive Season I still have a place in my heart for those in war zones all over the world and in particular Aleppo.

How can we help them? How can we ultimately affect the situation for good? 

I watched John Lennon’s – Merry Christmas –War is Over video this week and as usual it touched my heart – I got to thinking. Here we are again! Another Christmas and the world is in the same state – why does nothing change?

The reason I am so hell-bent on helping passionate visionary business owners and entrepreneurs grow and evolve their business is because I know in my heart that we have the power and we can change the world. As influential entrepreneurs like Yanik Silver, Roger Hamilton and Richard Branson have alluded to the fact the world of business is changing to be able to have more impact on people’s lives and on the planet. 

All we have to do is spread and share our special gifts and talents in what we love to do for others. If everyone on the planet did this then there would be no more war or pain or guilt or grief or shame or FEAR.

We are all here for one purpose and that is to love and be loved. Simple!

The way that we do that is to do the things that bring us joy and fulfilment.

No-one wants to fight his/her neighbour – no-one wants to kill his/her brother or sister. The sooner that every single one of us wakes up and sees this, the sooner all the pain in the world will end.

There have been many great soul-centred leaders and visionaries over the centuries who have lead campaigns to try and help us wake up out of our sleep state and bring us back to the state of love.

I can’t see one single person right now who is the equivalent of a Ghandi or a Martin Luther King Jr or even Jesus who is a world recognised saviour. If they are there I don’t know about them yet.

It could be that in these times we don’t need one leader – it could be that we should, by now, all be our own individual leader – do our own campaign by doing the right thing in our own homes, community and businesses. Come together to collaborate on love-based business projects.

Take ownership of the teachings that we learn through our own lives and those enlightened ones. We create the world in which we live and if we don’t like it then we have the power to change it.


So if we really want peace and love how can we start to make the changes we seek?

Not by causing a revolution – we have seen what devastation that has caused and nothing really changes. How about we get on board the LOVE revolution that’s happening in business right now? 
My belief is that we are all connected in spirit and energetically. As such we can reach the hearts and minds of the ones who are at the root cause of the pain in the world by connecting with their energy of fear and hate and send them unconditional LOVE. 

This is the most powerful force we have.

Here is one way you can start –

Create a place and a time to sit in mediation – Sit quietly and breathe.

As you breathe feel yourself connect to Source energy.

As you sit really feel into the love you have inside you – first direct that love you have for yourself and let that grow – then direct it out into the world –

First your family and friends and neighbours – then your community – then the country and the world and into the Universe –

Really feel this LOVE vibrating from your body.

Sending your LOVE out exponentially.


Then create a prayer of your own words and feel the love coming from that as a gift to yourself and the world.

If we all did this as much as we can each day how powerful would that be – each one touch one – until 7.2 billion people are touched.

Just imagine how it would be this time next year – Christmas 2017 would be such Bliss


Here is my made up prayer – as a guide for you to do yours if you don’t know how to pray.

Business Love Revolution Prayer
(Divine Intelligence – Source – Infinite Spirit – God)

The world is in a state of FEAR – it appears to moving further away from LOVE

We know this is pure illusion

Fear does not exist!

It’s an invention that we have bought into since we made ourselves separate from God, separate from Love

 I ask for a guide right now to show me what I am to do, where I am to go, what I am to say and to whom to help heal our beautiful world. (Marianne Williamson)

 I know that by sharing and resonating on unconditional love in our being we will affect those who are causing the pain of the world

They will feel our love in prayer and meditation – and as we go about our daily lives –

Just by loving, helping, sharing our Divine talents as visionaries, thought leaders, passionate business owners we will eventually stop the War, stop all pain and poisoning of the people and planet.

Help me to be strong in my commitment and mission to

create a world of LOVE in which our children can fulfil their dreams.

And leave a long lasting legacy of that LOVE through all time.

And so it is.


So there you have it – Let’s see what we can do together through to Christmas 2017

I have some amazing resources, coming soon – That will help you can shift your heart and mindset – from fear to love to get your Business Love message out into the world. Helping you connect with other passionate visionary Business Lovers. And courses that help you to create a business that will support you and your lifestyle and celebrate your life purpose. So that you can make an impact – make money and make the world a better place.

Let’s do business differently. Let’s put people and planet before profit.

BTW – here is the John Lennon video – Merry Christmas – War is Over!


Here is to being able to say  – for real  – next Christmas  2017 –

Merry Christmas – War is Over!
Love and Blessings to all 
With Love – Together We Can 

Jennifer x

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