What’s Love Got To Do With It?


I can’t believe that it’s already over a week since The Business Love Conference! My first ever one day event with guest speakers. It was an awesome experience! 

I’m still on a high from all the comments and compliments by the attendees and the speakers.

There was so much love in that room, so much soul-energy – with everyone coming away energised, inspired and validated that we are here to make a difference with Love through our work.  We had comments like – “We are becoming fed up of the selling-fest type seminars and conferences, we want more authentic teaching, and sharing from the heart.” It’s seems like becoming a Business Lover is the way forward for the future!

What an achievement!

And yet … it almost didn’t happen!

Since I moved up from the coast last year to be back with my family in London I had this underlying feeling that I want to do something more than coaching one to one, (which I adore doing) or running my workshops or my group of fabulous inspiring people. I had a feeling that there was something more that I am here for – I just didn’t know what that would be.

I decided to go into a re-branding phase and explore what it was I really stand for. As you know I really get excited when I come across a business owner with passion for what they do, like you, or they are about to start their new venture with a big juicy vision.

I know I’m here to empower people to wake up to their genius, to connect with their passion, purpose and prosperity so that they can do what they love with ease and grace to make this world a better place. I feel honoured and privileged that they choose me to help them achieve their most wanted desires.

I just had an inner feeling that there was something more.

I love networking and I am always attending various events and listening to speakers give amazing, touching and thought-provoking presentations. I birthed the idea to put on a one day conference to bring the amazing people I had met to all be in one place so that other people could hear their message and at the same time, gather members for my monthly membership club that I was going to start in London. The Business Lovers Conference was born!

This was October 2015 – I set the date for 13th February 2016.

It was as if I was being taken along by a force that ic could not stop – so powerful!

Then something happened that would turn everything upside down.

Dec 17th I got a call from My eldest son who lives near Phoenix Arizona. He had become really ill to the  point where he was in danger of losing his life. With help of my family in particular my sister Donna and my Mum I managed to make the trip and stayed with him for 3 weeks while he underwent operations, blood transfusions and dialysis – he was diagnosed with kidney failure at ages 34! I was numb with the pain of knowing I might lose him.

While I was away everything to do with the event got behind in terms of promotion, marketing even finding a venue! I had told a few people who were keen to attend but no proper promotion.

It took another week after I came back to finally refocus. Time was getting short so I changed the date from 13th February, to one month later to give myself some time. I changed the name to The Business Love Conference. I got in touch with all involved and everyone was being supportive and excited.

I had 2 amazing, generous people come on board to help initially and I could not have been more blessed. Pearl Jordan who is an international choreographer and theatre producer, with her ideas for the experience the attendees would have from the time of buying the ticket, to getting to the door, to the reception and the day ahead, then follow up. I also had one of my clients Sandra Chapman, who is a veteran of events and exhibitions, starting her own business and bringing her expertise, helping it all flow on the day. I had someone else, who got wind of what I was doing and contacted me and begged me to let her help because it sounded like an amazing event! Thank you Sandra Jarvis!

So we started spreading the word and as the day approached I had a complete meltdown, breakdown!

“Not enough tickets sold – not enough bum’s on seats – the event had the potential to cover it’s own costs – now I can’t afford to fund it all –what shall I do? If it was just me I would cancel no probs! –  I now have 8 people and the team to consider, who have put their time and effort into making this happen – what shall I do? If I cancel it will be bad for my reputation, my brand and for the venue who rely on it for funding their charity. If I go forward how will I pay for it? My money is being filtered to medical bills for my sick son in the US. – what shall I do??!!!”

My dear friends (who are all coaches), all said more or less the same thing – think about it over the weekend – on Monday you will have your answer and you still have 2 weeks to play with.

I was tired, confused, worried – I prayed for an answer.  I had a good nights sleep –

The very next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed. As I awoke and thought about the situation it hit me!! I had a complete breakthrough, aha moment! Then I had a real rant at myself –

“What are you thinking girl?!

You are a brilliant manifestor!

You can move mountains, you manifested things out of thin air before many times and you can make enough money from your work to cover this. It doesn’t have to come from ticket sales!

And the biggest thing is this is not about you! – It’s about the 8 speakers and the message they have to deliver and most important it’s about the people in the room hearing the messages, who are going to be there to be inspired! The right people will be in the room!

Come on! Who are you to stop this from happening, because you are full of fear? – about something you know will work out fine? You know this is something that you are being guided to do – so do it! Where is your soul commitment?

What are you on girl! Stop it! Wake up! Step up! The world is waiting!”

I had a mind-set shift – checked in with my Why? I got into gear – I called everyone, emailed everyone – got all the supplies, finalised the last minute planning with my team  –  And guess what? – We had a room full of happy people – I cannot explain the love and vibe that was in that room. So many people said that they felt they had to make the journey to be in that space with inspirational people to get something they needed.

It was a Divine given day for sure!

Lessons learnt from me to you –

  • Trust your intuition- it already knows who you are to become. (Steve Jobs)
  • With every breakdown we have a breakthrough! (I know this, I teach it!)
  • It’s not about me or the money – it’s about the message and the people who need to hear it. It’s about your service and the ones you serve.
  • Just know that you are enough just as you are – the people who want to be in your light will find you.
  • It’s a given that “we are special and none of us are special” – (Marianne Williamson)
  • Come from Love not Fear – Love more – Fearless. Love is all powerful and can sort everything out.
  • You are stronger than you think – just go for it!

I send love and gratitude to all the people who helped to put it together, who attended, who knew they had to be there, who travelled hundreds of miles to be there. To my speakers Pearl Jordan, Abigail Barnes, Olive Hamilton-Andrews, Kim Wymer, Karen Gee, Tokunbo Osenbayo, Warren Ryan and Sherril Fuller. And to The Divine for giving me the strength and wisdom to carry through to a successful, soul-filled day.

Love has a lot to do with it!!!

Here’s to the next Business Love Conference in September – look out for the promotions and get your tickets early so that I don’t have another meltdown! Please I beg you!!!

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Together – With Love We Can!


Jennifer x 


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