Jen - Hastings0015Hello Business Lover!
I can’t believe it’s autumn already!! Where has the summer gone?
It’s new term time! That means students will be starting back to school and college. Starting new projects, meeting new friends and making plans for the coming semester. Everything fresh and new. A clean slate to begin the next chapter of their lives.
Here is something to consider. Those plans and goals you made for your business at the beginning of the year, how far are you with achieving them? Are you nearly there? Can you see the finishing line?
Or are you so far behind that you feel defeated already? Or you may not even have started – just watching another year pass by without fulfilling that deep down desire to do something new, different, bigger or better than before.

Well take heart!
Why not do what the students are doing? Start a new term for your business and life right now. You don’t have wait for January 2016 to start goal setting and planning on your business  – do it now!

Your time has come! Time to step into the best version of you and do something incredible in your business.  Maybe it’s time to take what you have to offer to the next level. What are your clients or customers silently asking you for? What’s that special something that you want to share with them, that only you can do?

I’ve recently read that Richard Branson’s Dad didn’t fulfil his dream of becoming and architect. It was not “the done thing” in his day to go against the family tradition of becoming lawyer. Instead he set up a museum in his home as a compromise. How would it have been for him to have fully lived his passion?
His Mum on the other hand had the limitations of being a woman in the same era, but did not let that stop her from being adventurous and living a well lived life. You can read the story here ——
My Golden Rule of Business 
We are no longer living in those times – we have more freedom of choice about what we able to do. So there can be no excuses. As I write in my book – It’s not “I can’t!” it’s “How can I…?”
Whatever it is that’s burning inside you, now is the time to let it shine out in the world.
Don’t let another year go by without stoking that flame, that passion you have for helping your people. They are waiting for you!

This is a timely reminder for you to have a Business Love – Discovery Session with me to see how I can help you to create a business and life you love – One that supports your lifestyle and celebrates your life-purpose and gives you love and abundance in return.

With love,

Together -We Can!

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