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How Bad Are You Gonna Let It Get?

Are you going to wait until it takes over your whole house?

Or until it starts to affect your peace of mind?

Or until it negatively impacts your finances?


However, if you are quite happy and able to function with all the clutter and disorganisation around you, and you can ignore the heavy energy and overwhelm, then that’s great. Keep going – nothing to worry about for you. Good on ya!

If, on the other hand, you are at the stage like the majority of my clients, where clutter is totally overwhelming and could be affecting your life like this –  

– You’re always late – not a good look for a professional!

– You can’t find important documents or tools – you might end up with fines or warnings!

– You can’t seem to stop impulsive purchases! Instant gratification – you have no time think things through.

– You hang on to old clothes  “just in case I lose the weight” and get back into them or they come back into fashion! (Really?!!)

– You keep old tools, broken equipment and or old furniture just case you might-find-the-time-to-fix-them-one-day-soon-in-the-near-future! Or you might start an up-cycling business? (Ha!)

– Your productivity in your work is being affected.

– You sometimes feel like you can’t cope with it all any longer – but you don’t know where to start – Or you start and have to abandon the whole mission.


Let’s look at just a couple of these issues –

How much stuff can you keep in your home “just in case…”?

That speaks to me of a poverty mindset, You subconsciously fear that you will not be able to afford the item when you actually need it so you hang on to it just in case… Rather than free up the space so that you can manoeuvre and breathe.

Putting things away to where they live is half the battle of keeping things tidy and streamlined. Don’t put it down – Put it away! (Tracy McCubin).

This involves creating new positive habits for yourself and your family.

Not an easy task if you don’t’ know how.

The other half of the battle is having a place for your things to live – otherwise ship them out!


So how do you know what to keep and what to chuck out?

Where do you start?

This comes down to knowing what you L.O.V.E.

I have devised a simple system that is easy to follow and keep you on track.  Check it out!

How to L.O.V.E. Your Clutter – Fast! Mini Course


PLUS – COMING SOON –  The Live Authentic Academy – Where we will not only cover dealing with the practical, emotional and psychological aspects of clutter and hoarding, but also healing the wounded feminine and embracing your Divine Feminine energy, 

Designed to be a container that will deliver everything you need to help you create the life and lifestyle that you yearn for.

Free from clutter, disorganisation, shame and possibly debt!

Giving you a home where you can easily relax and feel nurtured, loved, financially secure and safe. A Divine Sacred Space for you and yours!


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With L.O.V.E – Together We Can!

Jen x