EXPOSED (30-day challenge)* 

Hey Superstar!

I’m going to do something scary that will help me grow, develop, serve and hopefully inspire.

Here’s the idea:

My passion is helping busy business people to clear their clutter chaos and disorganisation in their homes and create sensual Sacred Space where they can relax, recoup, reset and be closer to the truth of who they are – ready to go make an impact in the world, go for their dreams and have the success in their life, lifestyle and business that they desire.

Even though my brand is Live Authentic, one of the biggest challenges I’ve had in sharing all this has been an element of vulnerability around sharing my own story/journey, as well as a fear of being judged.

I’m sure you can relate!

My Intention is to openly share my experiences, my learnings, my wins and my fails as well as valuable information and strategies with you to inspire you and help you to take that step towards success and your desired life and lifestyle – just the way you want it.

I am committing myself to write a post a day as often as I can over the next 30 days to be more open and vulnerable while hopefully sharing lots of value over the next month.

I would love for you to follow me so we can support each other’s journey .

Look out tomorrow for the first post.

With L O V E – Together We Can!

Jennifer xxx

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Lifestyle Restyle Specialist

Coaching busy business people to clear their clutter chaos and create Sacred Space for success in life and business. 


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