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Hello Superstar!

Whenever I meet someone who is really passionate about what they do…..

… Whether or not they are an entrepreneur or performer already doing that thing that they love, I get so excited and buzzed up! I want to help them. I want to see them being successful. I want to be the one who gets them to the height of success, even if I want it more than they want it for themselves.

Over the years I’ve had to tame that compulsion – Why?

You would think that would be a great thing to want to do right?

Well no – over the years I’ve come to realise that no matter how excited I am for someone else, they have to the one with the ultimate intention to succeed in order for them to have the success that I would want for them.

They have to be the driver with the fire in their belly.

This is why now, in any of my work with my clients I always establish COMMITMENT – without it they might as well go home! COMMIT is the first of 9 Success Principles in my Business SoulShift Programme

I see other coaches and expert trainers present their courses in steps or modules starting with vision or goals or even dreams. This brings back memories of a time when I used to start there too. I remember the struggles I had with clients disappearing on me when they couldn’t complete tasks on things they said that they would do! Or they would take forever to come to a decision about the smallest thing. They were nothing but hard work.

I also recognise that this was something I was attracting because I was in the same place as they were. In my thoughts, feelings vibration; so of course we would find each other.

Nowadays, as with anything that’s not working in my life or keeps showing up as a negative, I go deep, meditate and ask my inner goddess “What is this human up to now? Why is she attracting this “bad” into her space?” Life should be simple! Surely we are not meant to suffer. Work hard, play hard  – Yes! But not suffer!

Then the answer drops in! It points to a lesson that I need to learn. It’s always about something I have to do to adjust my thinking and my core feelings – I adjust and realign. I do some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear any negative energy and reinforce positive thinking and feelings. Then I get to work and it all flows!

So if you are not seeing the results you want it’s more than likely that you lack COMMITMENT

Commitment holds you to your integrity – to your word. It holds you into an agreement with yourself. It means that you are engaged, locked into an obligation to complete what you say you will do. And that you will take responsibility for journey and outcome. 

Take a look at what you are “trying” to achieve. Are you being truthful and authentic about what you are aiming for? Are you in a place where you are completely happy with your choices, decisions, dreams, desires?

Or are you in a place where you keep spinning your wheels, struggling and hoping things will change?

Here are some signs that you may lack commitment – You keep complaining that you don’t have enough time; You blame someone else; You don’t feel deserving or any other bullshit story that you can come up with. These are just excuses! Otherwise you would have got up off your “toot toot!” and made whatever you want to – happen!

Let’s look at some valid reasons to support your lack of commitment – (Something more for you to blame, perhaps!)

  • Your desire or goal isn’t juicy or worthy

You feel that the end result or outcome is not worth the effort. If it doesn’t get you fired up, excited and in fact, a little bit scared, then there is a lack of commitment underlying there somewhere and nothing will happen or it will take a long time if it ever does.

  • Your desire or goal was the wrong one for you

You eventually made the “commitment” to go for this goal and soon realised it’s not really what you wanted after all, and you stall!…. Don’t worry – I think we have all been there! However you want to keep your word, so you keep attempting to make it work.

Give yourself permission to let go of it. Admit it’s a mistake, draw a line in the sand and set a fresh new challenge; one that comes from your heart first, then you will be more inclined to commit and complete.

  • Your desire or goal was to please another

This is usually someone important to you. Perhaps your Mum, Dad, a friend, teacher.  Looking for approval could be the reason you have taken this particular desire or goal on board as yours to achieve, when in fact you are not really enrolled in it completely.  No wonder you are finding it hard to commit and get going! Again, give yourself permission to let it go and love yourself for doing that. Remember you don’t need to please anyone but yourself first. At the end of the day, all that the people who really care about you want to know is that you are truly happy.

  • Your desire or goal wasn’t aligned with your authentic core Values… Your Values are your drivers and if they are not in line with your heart and your core desires then you won’t even begin to commit. Aligning your VALUES is the 4th SoulShift Principle – which we shall cover in more detail during this course.


To get to the point of authentic commitment you must have a “fire in your belly” about what you really want to achieve. It must stoke you up and get your juices going. It must be big enough, challenging enough and sweet enough to make you want to commit and stay the course until completion.

Until you have that level of commitment everything you do towards your goal will be hard work. Life is not meant to be hard work. When you do what you love, it’s fun, enjoyable, exciting, it becomes “ Hard Play!”

When you come from your truth, you will find everything flows as if you where sailing along on the smoothest sea with the winds at your back, totally confident and excited about your journey and feeling free.

That’s not so hard to achieve, it’s just that we have been so used to being squished into a box of belief and other peoples way of thinking since we came into this world, that until we decide to make changes, we can’t even begin to realise a better way of being.

Think of a goal that is worthy of your life.

Ask yourself, does this desire or goal make you come alive and make you feel that your life will become more meaningful?  

Here are 5 defining questions that I use to help my clients go deeper to finding their level of commitment to attaining their desired outcomes.

  1. Who do I want to become?
  2. What do I love to do? (What excites you?)
  3. What do I want to have?
  4. Am I able?
  5. Am I willing?

Come from a place of the contribution will you be making to the world.

How will your desired outcome impact on your life, your family, your community, the world as a whole?

Having a big juicy, worthy goal or challenge to go for, that’s totally true to who are, will give you such a buzz that you will have a whole new level of desire and commitment.

You will become unstoppable!!!


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