Hello Superstar!

Amongst the many clients I have, it’s been my pleasure to be working with one particular inspirational client over the last 6 months.  Clearing and crafting around creating her Irresistible Business, really enjoying her growth and witnessing her awakening about the power she has to step into what she truly wants for her life.

It’s been a joy to be part it, I’m so proud of her! As I am all of my superstar clients.

While reflecting on my work over the weekend I realised that once again the main thing that can continue to hold you back from really realising what you want to be, do or have is that “head-talk, monkey-chatter” that you listen to all the time.

Especially when it comes to moving into something new – the unknown!! Arrrggghhh!!!
It can be scary and no matter how you put a brave face on it, inside you will be hearing your own voice say –
“I’m not good enough!”
“What if I fail?”
“Where will this lead me?”
“I can’t handle this!”
“I’m going to make a fool of myself! “
“I don’t know enough!”
“There are other people who are better/smarter than me!”

Then on top of that, you get the physical stomach churn, foggy head and shaky legs!!

It easy to see how, as entrepreneurs can get caught up in these thoughts especially when you are working solo with no-one to bounce ideas off or share your thoughts and insecurities.

If this is you right now then fret no more –
I’d like to invite you to take the opportunity to move out of that place of being stuck with your negative thoughts.

Come and work with me and I’ll empower you to become crystal clear on your –

VISION – Move away the fog around your business vision and claim the life, lifestyle and business that will allow you to thrive, share the gifts and talents that you were born to do and feel loved while you make a difference in the world.

MINDSET –  Shift your perceptions of belief, any negative programming and clear any fear or doubt that may be holding you back from your amazing life.

SKILL SET – We look at your strengths and weaknesses and help you do more of what you love and eliminate the things you hate!

STRATEGY – You will have a clear strategy and framework that YOU design just the way YOU want it so you live and operate your life and business on your own terms.

ENERGY  –  Be in energetic flow and momentum to move through the ups and downs of business and keep going no matter what  – you will become unstoppable!

When we are done you will not be the same; there will be a transformation –

You will have a clear Vision of how you want your life and business to be.
You will be free of the main emotional blocks that are holding you back from flying.
You will be have a blueprint for a successful, irresistible  business.
You will be have strategies in place for attracting your ideal clients and prospects.
You will have the confidence and courage to be authentic, own your story and share your message with world.

You will have an Irresistible Business that will honour your life, support your lifestyle and celebrate your life purpose, while making the world a better place!

Does this sound good to you?

Then come and have a chat – No need to wait any longer to have a conversation that will potentially lead to clearing those blocks, give you freedom and change everything for your good.

Apply here right now  – LET’S TALK!
I can’t wait to meet you!

With Love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x 


Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte

The Emotional Freedom SpecialistJen - Hastings0009

Based on her Values of Freedom, Knowledge, Passion, Financial Independence and Love, Jennifer is dedicated to helping you clear your emotional blocks to money, creativity, confidence and success. So that you can have a business that supports your lifestyle and celebrates your life-purpose, where you can do what you love and have love, freedom and abundance in return. 

When she is not working easy she is playing hard!!! – Jennifer loves music, dancing, watching seriously old movies, writing, cooking and eating “delish!” meals with family and friends, adores her children and can be seen jogging around the streets of London in the early hours.

Jennifer is a Professional Intuitive Business Coach

EFT Master Practitioner  – Teacher – Speaker – Author

Mother – Daughter – Sister and Loyal Friend