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Continuing the theme of Love for 2015 – This time it’s Tough Love!

Today you may get upset by what I’m saying here, you may even feel that I’ve crossed the line. But rest assured, I don’t care, because it’s time for me to tell you the truth of what I’m seeing. That if you are not being successful in your business or if you are not having the lifestyle you desire then it’s because you are afraid of taking the risk to go the extra mile and invest in yourself.

Yes this is a little bit of tough love – straight talking, because I want you to see that your fears around money is what’s stopping you from raising your money vibration set-point, and attract the things you want into your life. 

You are willing to take a look at free webinars, seminars, taster days, free ebooks etc. Always just sitting on the edge and never taking the risk of investing the money on yourself. The words “I can’t afford it” uttering from your lips or swirling around your mind.

But check this!  If you were to have to attend or contribute to the funeral of a close relative or find the money for the vets because your dog was sick, I sure as hell know, without doubt, you would somehow find that money. That’s how much you “can’t afford it.” And yet to take control of your life, to be able to earn the money that you need to keep you sustained in a luxury lifestyle, while you do what you love, you are somehow unwilling to take that risk. For some it would mean they would have to sacrifice little luxuries for a while until things turn, and they are willing to do that to get their desired outcome in the long run. For others it’s just too much to ask. Staying safe and mediocre is where they want to be. 

All entrepreneurs take risks; that what it’s all about – investing and seeing a return.  That’s just the way it is. The most successful of us take the biggest risks. As women we have to grow some “….” and  learn to take bigger risk for our own sakes.

Believe it or not some of the most influential women in history have had to put everything on the line for what they stood for. Coco Channel, Oprah Winfrey to name but two.

I’ve just watched a video recording of two of the most prolific and successful business women in the transformation world, if not on the planet. They both spoke of investing in courses way outside of their financial comfort zone, when they first realised that they had to do something more than what they were doing. They invested money that,  at the time, they didn’t have, to do programmes and courses that they knew would raise their game and help them earn more so that they can help more people with their valuable work.

To this day they continue to invest sometimes in bigger more expensive programmes that will enhance their businesses and reach more people with their messages of love and empowerment. They see stretching to find the next level of investment as part of the growth process, by increasing their money vibrational set point.

As an entrepreneur I have taken many risks over my many years of business. Some have given me wealth beyond my expectations and other times they have left me with barely enough to pay the rent. I just had to pull myself up and get over it! But with each chance I have learnt something that I can bring to the people I want to help. With each chance my life has grown richer from my experiences.

My life is on the up right now, because I was willing to take one more chance to find a way to step up. Nothing will stop me from achieving my desires and living on purpose.

I’m now in a position to offer really powerful coaching and mentoring to those who want to take a chance with my programmes that are already making a huge difference to the people I work with. All because I decided I will take risks and invest in my learning and development.

When you make the commitment and decide that anything is possible, the money is already created! All you have to do is tap into it for you – invest in you!

Just imagine how you will feel when you realise your most wanted desires, your dreams and your goals. Put yourself in the picture where you are living every day experiencing life with no stress and worry and best of all you are making good money while making a difference, doing what you love. How good will you feel?

Yes I know you will have those who love you around you say you are crazy to spend that much on yourself, “don’t you have better things to do with that money?”  You will definitely hear that little voice in your head or over your shoulder say “Hey! What do you think you are doing it’s only you and suppose you fail?” –  I say  “…suppose you succeed?!”

Only you know what you have in your heart.

Only you know what a difference you want to make.

Only you know what experiences you want to have in this world.

Investing in yourself and doing what it takes will certainly pay huge returns.

So if you are still with me and not too upset about my straight talking and you are ready to cut the BS and excuses –  and you believe that I could be the one that can really help you have the lifestyle and business you deserve with you feeling fulfilled and living your life your way –  then book a 30 min Dharma Alignment session with me.

I promise you will leave the session all fired up with a clear plan of action and new direction, ready to go change the world! 



I’m serious about your success and even though I’ve been tough – I still love you! 

With Love – Together We Can! 

Jennifer x

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