As many of you have asked me to recommend books, products or services that have helped me and my clients I thought it would be an idea to create a page to list them all out for you. 

Many of these are free for you and some you have to make a purchase.  I have to let you know that I am an affiliate to some of these products or services. Which means that when you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I make a small commission for helping to spread the word about them.

If you decide to make a purchase please be make sure you check all the information and terms and conditions before you buy anything. I have worked with and used what I recommend. However not everything will be the right fit for you personally, so be aware of why you are making your choices. 

I hope this resource page s helpful to you and when you find something that you like please leave a comment so that others can see. 

( This Page is still being populated – if you don’t see what you like please pop back regularly to see what I have added) 

Personal Development

9 Mistakes You Are Making That Stop You From Achieving Your Most Wanted Desires. 

The Wealth Dynamics Profile Test  –

This is the test that started it all for me! It changed how I look at the world of business and most importantly how I look at myself as a business person. I am a proud affiliate of this profile test which has been used by thousands of people around the world. My Profile is Creator and my Genius is Blaze. When you take the test, I would love to know what your results are and what you intend to do with that knowledge. 


My Book Shop 

Follow the My Book -Shop link to my Amazon book store where you will find my recommended books – you can also go through to the main store and search for your preferences – I am an Amazon Affiliate. 


Inspirational Videos –

Click Here and be inspired by the courage and grace of some exceptional ordinary people who are just like you, and see their extra- ordinary achievements. 

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