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Hello Gorgeous!!

Welcome! I’m Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte – I’m so happy and excited that you have arrived here!  I’ve been waiting for you

You are an entrepreneur!

You are creative!

You are inspired!

You love your work with a passion and want to use your gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

You have had some level of success already and you are now looking for support, direction and clarity to up-level your game.

You are ready for a new adventure and a new way of being, doing and having the things you want.

You understand the value of commitment and you are ready to invest in your future, right now!

I invite you to come play with me – I’m here to serve you not to please you!

I don’t believe in being reasonable, mediocre, and comfortable!

Being unreasonable causes miracles!
Being extraordinary causes strength!
Being uncomfortable causes growth!

I see the genius and the glory in all of my clients.

You are outstanding and amazing because I choose for you to be so.

It’s my job to let you see that for yourself. As I hold myself up as a mirror – I have to be outstanding as your coach.

I have to dare to go deep to touch your soul so that you can see who you really are and remember why you are here. You then gain courage and confidence to create possibilities and to do whatever it takes; no matter what, to go for your hearts desires.

Once I find your inner gem, I polish it and let it shine out from within. So you recognise how rare, unique and beautiful you are. Just like a diamond!

I cause miracles for inspired men and women who are seeking excellence in their lives and business. 

I create the space in which the miracle shift happens. You bring your dreams, ideas, projects, goals– we enquire and plan, dream and scheme.

Together we achieve amazing results.

I make it my mission to help and support to you to bring your dreams and desires to reality so that you can make a true and lasting difference with your valuable work and live your life on purpose. Just the way you want to.


Because I believe that as heart-based entrepreneurs and creators we are here to do the work we love, have the life we love, with the ones we love. Not by sacrificing who we are, by pretending to be content with the way the world wants us to fit in, but by being authentic and true to our deeper desires and intuition. By being courageous and audacious, we can share our gifts, share our love and receive love and abundance in return. 

I offer powerful, meaningful, deep-level coaching that will cause a miracle shift in your mind, your heart and your soul, with the focus on love, empowerment and your hearts desires, in all aspects of your life and your business. 

Within our sessions I use the powerful EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique to shift those blocks that are preventing  your progress to your desired outcome. EFT?

My level of coaching is not for everyone – there will be a substantial investment in time, money, effort and whatever else you bring to the table. The subsequent results will be outstanding because you are ready to make an impact!

If you are feeling it and this is true for you then please request a Business Love – Discovery Session HERE

We will then have a conversation that will determine your level of readiness and if we are a good fit. We will go deep to explore your mind-set, skill set, talents, your burning desires and vision to get your journey started.

I’m excited for you and really looking forward to connecting with you soon. 

You’ll find me mainly on my Facebook  – where you can private message me. 


I’m here to help you do what you love and be happy and free –  You living Wise + Wealthy + Healthy + Hot! 

It’s your time… The world is waiting!

With Love –

Together We Can!

 Jennifer x


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Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte 

Coach – EFT Master Practitioner – Author 

Founder of Inspiration Junction! and Business Love. 

Causing miracles for inspired men and women seeking excellence in life, love and business.