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Welcome! I’m Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte – I’m so happy and excited that you have arrived here!  I’ve been waiting for you!

If you are fired up to make some real positive changes in your life and lifestyle then you have landed in the right place. This is where you will find inspiration, advice, stories and courses all to help, encourage and empower you towards becoming “Wise + Wealthy + Healthy + Hot!”

Being wise - being able to use your wisdom and intuition to make wise choices and take inspired action towards a truly fulfilling life.

Being wealthy – whatever wealth means to you,  having the freedom and ability to sustain yourself and those you love in style is not only an obligation but something you deserve.

Being healthy – having optimum health means you are fit and able to do the work you are here to do without being a burden to anyone else.

I sure as hell know that you want be HOT! – Having the confidence and courage to play a bigger game, and be so hot that you attract whatever you want to be, do or have, for your life. And beautifully touch and make a difference in the lives of others! 

That’s about you being lovable – and that begins with you loving yourself first! 

I believe we are here to do the work we love, have the life we love, with the ones we love. Not by sacrificing who we are, by pretending to be content with the way the world wants us to fit in, but by being true to our deeper desires and intuition. By being courageous and audacious, we can share our gifts, share our love and receive love and abundance in return. 

Love you!

Love your life!

Love the love of your life! 

My background has been in business ownership and management in various industries including, hair and beauty, special exhibition recordings, property development and estate agency.

I know, first hand the challenges that many business owners face; doing everything to please everybody. Either  – the children – the hubby(or wifey!) – or the lover –  the business – the home – friends and family! And just maybe squeezing in a tiny bit for yourself!

Under this kind of pressure something will give and that something must not be YOU!!!

I make it my mission to help and support to you to create the world you love and truly desire, while you do your valuable work.


Because I believe that as heart-based entrepreneurs and creators,  it’s all too easy for us to give! We give our time, our love, our energy and thoughts to others. We very rarely give ourselves the care and love that we surely deserve too. If we are going to make a difference in this world we must develop a higher level of self-love and empower ourselves to go for what we want; those things that are burning in our hearts. 

I offer powerful, meaningful, Personal Power Coaching that will cause a miracle shift in your mind, your heart and your soul, with the focus on love, empowerment and your hearts desires, in all aspects of your life.  

I’ve dedicated this website to you and your life. So please come back regularly to see what I have for you – better still sign up for Inspired Desire! – my regular newsletter which delivers regular news, events, guidance, and inspiration on achieving your heartfelt dreams. You will have automatic access to my eBook with the answers to fulfilling your juicy audacious dreams!  CLICK HERE   

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you soon.  I’m here to help you do what you love and be happy and free You being Wise + Wealthy + Healthy + Hot! 


It’s your time… The world is waiting!

With Love 
Together – We Can

Jennifer x

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Jennifer Beaumont- Whyte – The Inspired Desire Specialist 

Coach – EFT Master Practitioner – Author 

Guiding inspired men and women to go for their most wanted desires and be Wise + Wealthy + Healthy + Hot!