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Hello my Superstar!

We have the same dream! – To be fully self-expressed, To share our love – 

To Belong! To Be Free! To Be Loved!

We can have it all – It is our birthright!

So if you are not feeling fulfilled, living your heart’s desires or doing what you love, then it’s time to become emotionally free – to shift from fear to love!

Bring the essence of unconditional love from deep inside yourself, out to your audience, your community and to the world. It’s time to Ignite Your Brilliance! – Let your light shine – So that you can show your  love and the people who you are here to serve can find you. 

The way we get to fulfill our dreams is to go for our heart’s desires and live our Dharma – our purpose in life. 

And that is what I get to help you do every single day of my life. 

Let me tell you a little about myself, my journey so far, how I come to be helping super, amazing people like you, to clear your fears, to live your life-purpose and achieve your hearts desires. 




I believe that every man, woman and child on the planet deserves to have a beautiful, safe and loving home – enough food and drink – good health to live a life of fun, freedom, love and fulfil their Dharma – purpose in life – their service to humanity.

I believe that creative, inspired entrepreneurs are the ones who will change the world- 

Imagine business and commerce when love is the way! – Bishop Michael Curry 

I have come to realise that my purpose is to help you fulfil your purpose – to do all I can to help you – 

  • To do your valuable work, be fully self-expressed, make positive changes for the world and make it a better place for you being here
  • To raise your game to the next level of excellence 
  • To clear anything that might be stopping you from your ultimate success.
  • To hold your hand, open your mind, open your imagination to what is possible and help you believe the truth of who you really are and why you are here –

For us all to love, be loved and leave a legacy of love! 



I’ve worked with some amazing people and studied with leaders in the field of life transformation and business development. I’ve also been known in the past,  to work with some large established businesses that have been struggling for many years and managed to turn them around, with my sales and coaching processes, for them to be earning in excess of £1,000,000 turnover!

I’ve had huge successes with my own businesses, including children’s designer fashion – hair, health and beauty – property sales and development.

After my divorce in 2004 I decided to take a new direction and studied to become a Life Coach then Business Coach. In 2005 I moved from London to the South East coast and started my Coaching practice in the beautiful seaside town of Hastings. 

I’m now known for being the Emotional Freedom Specialist – Author, Speaker, MC, Facilitator, Teacher, Event Producer, Intuitive Life & Business Coach.

I love working with creative, inspired Professionals and Entrepreneurs – who use their creativity and passion to touch people’s lives and help to make the world a better place.

I love helping to clear inner subconscious blocks around money, confidence, love, harmony, wellbeing and success.

I love being blessed to be able to work on a deep level, so that I can get to the heart of my clients issues and bring them back to freedom from fear and self doubt to love and above, so that they can freely thrive and do their valuable work for the world.

I love bringing people together in an amazing fabulous caring community, to support each other, share their wisdom, collaborate on projects and have fun.

Life is good! Life is beautiful! I love my life, my business and my world!

However, it has not always been this way…



I had a rude awakening when I lost almost everything back in the 2007 – 09 economic crash. I was devastated and full of shame and guilt. It broke my heart to know that I had lost my children’s legacy.

I cried, wept and beat myself up for weeks. Telling myself how could I be so stupid, foolish and trusting!

Then one day I just decided – Enough!

Time to GET OVER IT! Staying small and playing victim wasn’t going to help anyone. And as Lisa Nichols says “I was broke but not broken!”  I still had work to do, loads of love to give and I would learn from the lessons in the mistakes I had made.

With the help of my amazing healing friends and my loving family I managed to get myself back out there and vowed to discover how to be in a position where I could stay on top and help others to do the same.



With even more learning and research I discovered that there are 9 Success Principles that have been used by almost all the top achievers in history to achieve their goals and their greatness.

I’ve incorporate theses 9  Success Principles into my coaching and training. 

I started to gain success, however it was feast then famine, then struggle then success – I couldn’t work out why this kept happening again and again.

Even though the 9 Success Principles were valuable and worked there were times when my clients would be blocked on a particular point and times when I was also blocked and stuck going around in circles.

I finally came across EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and this was the missing part of the puzzle for me. I cleared my inner default low vibration of constant self doubt, not being good enough, lack of self-love and fear of being seen.

When I realised that I was not the only one experiencing the pain of being full of self doubt, not feeling loved, wanted or useful; wondering if I was making a difference. I decided to do something about it, as the world needs us to be performing at our best and sharing our Divine Talents with humanity right now!



I got busy and I pulled all my resources, knowledge and more than 25 years of business and life experience together –  including my EFT skills – to produce my signature course – The Business SoulShift programme – Move from Stuck to Irresistible in 9 Simple Steps –  Designed to take you through the 9 Success Principles  Commit – Desire – Believe – Values – Plan – Habit – DeClutter – Habits – Connect – Give.

When we are done you will have shifted from being mediocre to being extraordinary. You will have clarity, confidence and courage to have the business and life you love; and go for your hearts desires. 

Going through the process myself and working with my clients has brought me such strength, joy and happiness. Life is easy, challenges are less overwhelming , money is flowing and we are touching people’s lives. How does it get any better than that?! 



When you work with me –

You get to access everything that’s hiding inside you to help you up-level your life, performance and business.

I work with powerful modalities such as EFT, NLP, intuitive, non directive coaching, creative strategic planning and more to help you get clear and go from mediocre to audacious and become unstoppable!!

Together we work on –

  • Your Soul Calling –  Defining your D.H.A.M.A – will help to give you Direction; bring you into Harmony with your values; hold you Accountable to the mission you are here to serve; help you take Responsibility for your choices and Motivate you into empowered Action!
  • Your Vision – We explore and plan your audacious goals for your career, business and your life.


  • Your Mindset – Shifting from “poor me” to “powerful me”, building confidence and posture. We get to the heart of what’s been stopping you from moving forward.


  • Your Zone of Genius – Honing your talents, skills and Divine gifts, the things you are good at and bring to the world. We eliminate the the things you hate that need to be outsourced and delegated.  So that you raise your game and be confident that you are amazing.


  • Your Zone of Bliss – Related to the things you love to do that bring you joy and make your heart sing. So that you are more productive, feeling loved and fulfilled with doing your valuable work.


  • Your Plan – We design your career or business around your lifestyle – we plan your time, money, people, resources, marketing and management – so that you know what you are doing every step, every day. We connect you to industry specialists to help take you to the next level.


  • Your Energy  – With EFT we clear any energetic charge around unwanted emotions that could be blocking you; and align your mind, body and soul for success. Learn simple effective ways to boost your energy levels


We work together to define why you are here, clear what could be stopping you, create a system and framework in which you have the flexibility and freedom to create, work and live your life your way on your own terms.



So! Have you had “enough!” too?

If you too are fed up of the feast and famine – working long hours and never seeing the fruits of your labour or your family…

If you have a burning desire and an inspiring mission  – to share your gifts and talents and make a difference in the world…

If you know that something inside has to change and transform to help you move forward and grow …

If you are fun and life loving and can rise above setbacks…

If you understand the value of commitment and are prepared to do what it takes – no matter what…..

If you find that you are feeling STUCK with fear and wasting so much time – And you want to shift into being loved, having an IRRESISTIBLE life and business – Then you are in the right place at the right time!

“Nothing changes if nothing changes”

Let’s begin by doing something different right now!

Book in to have a chat with me and tell me what you would love to have me support you with. 



So my Superstar, what’s stopping you from stepping up and achieving your heart’s most wanted desires?

Let’s clear those blocks and give you fun, freedom and fulfilment!

If you’re NOT ready to take the leap from where you are now to where you want to be – then …

if not now, then when?



With Love – Together We Can! 

Jennifer x