Personal Power Coaching

You no longer have to do it all on your own…

We are not born with a manual on life!

We all have knock backs and challenges throughout our lives that we have to deal with.

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However, what we are born with is our

Personal Power!



If you watch little children and how the are in the world – they have no fear, they are curious, they want to know everything and do  everything – they let their imagination and creativity flow. They demand what they want from life, even as a babe in arms crying for milk! They have the confidence to go for what life has to offer.

We were once like that –

Over the years, that power – that light – has been so starved of fuel that we may no longer have the confidence to believe in ourselves the way we used to. We no longer trust that we can work things out and get things done. And sometimes, even when we do manage to make it happen, it can turn out to be someone else’s dream that we are trying to live up to! We may no longer listen to our hearts true desires or let alone have the courage to go for them.

And it does take courage!

It can seem like everything is against you. Our parents, teachers, peers, all want to keep us from hurting ourselves so they tell us “no!” – “don’t do that!” -  “you will fail!” -  “it’s too risky!” -  “it’s not possible!” …

Because you trust them, you buy into what they tell you. You learn to stay safe and mediocre, you stop trying new things, never fulfilling you inner, core passions – never going for what you know deep down is right for you – never living life on your terms – the way you want to.

That’s fine if that’s what you have resigned yourself to.

Or – do you do something about it and start taking the steps back to your authentic self?

The childlike self who is curious about the world  – who is declaring to the world that you are hungry for life! And you want to live your most beautiful, audacious, juicy dreams!!

You may have had a taste of success, so you know it’s possible, but right now you may be in state of overwhelm and frustration– or stressed out with the life you are living. You may be blocked emotionally and can’t seem to shift it. It may seem that you are trying to climb that mountain all by yourself. Doing everything to please everybody – the children – your hubby(or wifey!) – the business – the home! And maybe squeezing in a tiny bit for yourself.

Under this kind of pressure something will give and that something must not be YOU!!!

I can help!!

I’m Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte – I cause miracles for women in business, just like you, (and sometimes men too), who are are ready to step-up and make a big impact on their world!

I create for you a completely safe space in which together, we make powerful things happen. I inspire and help you to step into your brilliance, do the work you love and create a lifestyle that you deserve; free from stress and overwhelm. I help you gain the confidence and give you clear direction to go for your most wanted desires. 

I am a Master Practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I blend this with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and various mind and soul transforming techniques in my Coaching to intuitively help you begin to create for yourself a life of less fear, emotional clarity, being true to yourself – with more time, more space, more money, more love and more fun!

Life becomes full of possibilities, your inner blocks give way to your true inner desires and your goals seem less challenging. Inner peace and freedom can be yours.

For over 25 years I’ve been in management or had my own businesses. I have  worked with many entrepreneurs, inspiring and helping them to change how they operate and show up; improving their earning potential and relationships by shifting negative thoughts, blocked inner energy and improving their lifestyle.

I’m known for my ability to cut through the façade of what’s really going on and get to the heart of my client’s authentic values and core desires.

I believe that when we go through adversity, we somehow learn to become stronger and clearer about who we are meant to be. The mistakes, the disappointments and challenges are our life lessons that guide us to making better choices and being more powerful in our lives.

However, sometimes even when we know the right thing to do, something stops us from growing any further. We spin our wheels and seem to make the same mistakes and attract the same kind of people. We become energetically blocked, emotionally stuck and bewildered as to what to do next.

I took a good look at my own life lessons some time ago. What I discovered was that I hadn’t taken responsibility for my choices – I was in blame mode – I told myself what had happened to me was someone else’s fault. As soon as I saw this and took back my power, my life changed. I became the mistress of my destiny and although things get a little tricky for me as life throws me more lessons, I stand in my Personal Power and accept that I’m in charge of how I deal with the challenges.

I discovered the power of  EFT and worked with a wonderful mentor to clear the stuck emotional patterns. The results have been phenomenal, by clearing old trapped negative energy, I’m attracting great people and all sorts of good things into my life.

I realised that there were other women in business who were going through similar challenges. They would come to me for help because they saw how I had changed and wanted to find some answers, feel free and achieve their most wanted desires.  I recognised what was needed was a way to help my wonderful sisters  make the changes and take the steps to their own dreams and core desires. With this in mind I have devised something special just for you -

The Personal Power Coaching Sessions

The simple way to enable you to start to live an authentic, fulfilled life, sharing your gifts and being in love with who you are and what you do. Bringing who you are being into your business, your living and work space,, your relationships, even your income and health; allowing you to be fully self expressed by standing in your Personal Power. 

The Personal Power Coaching  Sessions are designed to be flexible – maybe you want to resolve a particular issue or just to be pointed in the right direction, or for a particular goal or project. Or they can be an arena for you to explore deeper emotional issues in a confidential, safe place.

The Personal Power Coaching Sessions are conducted via Skype – so no travel involved and we can work from anywhere in the world. This way I can also send you helpful files and links during the session.

Face to face sessions can also be arranged.

Each session can be from 1 – 2 hours allowing enough time to really focus, get deep, explore and arrive at heart-based solutions and plan of action.

Included in every session is the relevant, comprehensive worksheets to keep you on track while you take the steps going forward.

You will -

  • Discover how to become unstuck and get back ‘in flow’ with your true self.
  • Clear the “mind clutter” - get to the root cause of any issues and make sure they never come back.
  • Learn how to tap into your goodfeeling place and begin to manifest your most wanted desires.
  • Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal life with you standing in your Personal Power.
  • Feel stress-free, lighter and more in control of your life.
  • Have me with you every step of the way holding the space for you to grow.
  • Leave each session renewed, inspired, with a plan of action, fired up courage and a new intention. 

ADDED BONUS!  Email and text message support between each session, or 10 minute Skype spot Coaching – to ensure your Personal Power flame does not go out, and your way of being starts to become a “success habit”.

What my Clients Say!

Working with Jen has been incredible. She is great teacher, and amazing woman. She has an energy like no other. She is amazing giver and listener. And she felt what I need. Through our sessions Jen opened my eyes, and gave me the right direction for my life and business.If you want more in your life and business Jen is the right person. Thank you dear Jen for your wisdom and knowledge. You open my heart and my mind for new things and events coming to my life. I recommend Jennifer with all my heart!” —  Lidija Pehlić


I have been working with Jennifer to help me with my motivation and time management in my role running my web TV channel Sales is not my biggest asset being a natural introvert, however with the help of Jennifer I was able to do my own cold calling and sales. She has also helped me focus on getting things done. I recommend Jennifer and her services to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level.”  –  Adam Murphy – Sales Director Sydneyfood.TV - Sydney, Australia

I had a Personal Power Session with Jennifer. The focus was totally on me and what I wanted to make happen in my life at the time.  She re-enforced what I already knew and helped me re-ignite my passion for my business during a dip in my self-confidence due to a very pressurised situation. I can highly recommend her work. Thank you Jennifer  – Tracey Bartlett – founder of  With Bells On and Business Helpers 


First step –

My gift to you is a completely FREE Discovery Session!

I offer this because I want you to experience how powerful my Coaching can be and what it will mean for your life.  We work together on your goal, challenge, issue, project or whatever you bring to the session, as if you had paid in full. We come together for an intensive deep session where we cause miracles to happen!

To get you started, I’ll send you 13 Personal Power MOT Questions so that I know a little more about you and what you want from the session before we start. 

I would love it if you would bring a juicy, audacious goal or challenge to the Discovery Session – something that you have been dreaming about for a while or something that you feel its time to get out there or resolve. 

At the end of the Discovery Session we may decide that we want to continue. If you are fired up and happy for us to keep working together and I feel that I can deliver my best to you, then I put forward a proposal on how we do that based on the information I learn about you during the session and how long we think we would need. 

Every Coach is different and every client has unique needs, wants and desires. This is why I design bespoke investment plans for my work with my clients. This is why it’s essential that we work freely in the first session. 

Step 2

If it’s a go ahead then we schedule how we get to creating miracles. We begin the moment your investment payment is in my account. 

What to do now?

The Personal Power Coaching Sessions may not be easy or comfortable for some – you will experience change and change is scary, but be rest assured that I’ll hold the space and your hand while you explore what’s possible for you – we talk, plan, discuss, dream build, and uncover your inner desires and truth. I give you the tools to practice and explore the real you. I help you set for yourself your own tasks and goals. I am by your side helping you bring them to reality.

Why Wait?

I urge you not to waste a moment longer in trying to figure out how to make an impact on your life and the world,  all on your own. If you have something special that you want to share with the world and have an amazing lifestyle. – the time is ripe for you to get the help, support and direction that you deserve. And you do deserve!

You can choose now to book your FREE Discovery Session and take the steps towards an authentic way of being – igniting your brilliance and standing in your Personal Power – today!

Use the “Let’s Talk” pop up box to book a chat with me for more information. 

Let’s connect soon …I’m waiting for you!

With love, 
Together – We Can!

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Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte – The Inspired Living Specialist 

Whatever you want to be, do or have, Jennifer is dedicated to helping you to get rid of that “I can’t!..” head talk and shows you how to get excited about living an inspired life with a “How can I…?” attitude.

She is passionate about helping you live life on your own terms – by showing you how to de-clutter your mind, body and space to create a life of more time, more space, more energy, more love, more money and more fun!

If this is something that you want for your life then you are welcomed to make contact for a chat and find out more.

Thank  you – Jx