Hello and welcome Business Lover!

I’m Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte – You are very welcomed to come in and explore what I have to offer you and the world.

I am happy and blessed to be living my purpose of helping inspired, passionate business owners find joy, freedom, fulfilment, prosperity and unconditional love.  So that they can do what they love and have the life of their dreams without struggle and compromise.

I’m a certified EFT Master Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique), Coach, facilitator, author, speaker.

Since starting my journey of personal and spiritual growth and studying human potential I have worked with some amazing people, studied with leaders in the field of life transformation and gone through some tough times and had huge successes.  I’ve gone through the pain of loss and bereavement, divorce and broken businesses. I been where you may be right now and managed to turned my life around to be fully in love with life.

One thing that overrides all of the learning is the realisation that love is the foundation of everything – self love, soul-mate love, family love, work love, business love. Divine unconditional love!.

I believe that we are here to love and be loved and live life as an adventure. We have the potential to heal the world with our gift of love and it starts with love for ourselves first, transforming our pain into passion and problems into purpose.

I run workshops and coaching programmes that will transform your life and lifestyle and give you the joy, freedom and fulfilment that your heart desires, coming from a place of unconditional love.

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With Love – Together We Can.

Jennifer x