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Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte 

The Love-Based Business – Specialist 

Coach – Writer – EFT Master 

Event Producer 

Entrepreneur – Speaker 

 Mother –  Sister – Daughter 

 Loyal Friend!


This is what I do! 

I’m dedicated to empowering inspired business owners, like you, who are passionate about what they do. I help you to create a Love-Based Business that honours your life, supports your lifestyle and celebrates your life purpose so that you can do what you love and make the world a better place. 

Let’s face it being a business owner can be a tough gig if you have not got the support and infrastructure that will support you through the ups and downs as you pursue your passions. 

The little monkey-chatter voice can truly take over if you have not trained your mind to let it sing a different more positive song. 

I’ve been there too and I can honestly say it does not have to be this way. I’ve managed to move through where you have been and now can help you to design your life and business to operate for a place of love, succesfully doing things on your own terms. 

That is why I specialise in working with business owners, like you, on your personal development, helping you to gain clarity, courage, confidence,the tools and resources to do your valuable work with ease and grace while you make the world a better place

Working with me will enable you to   –

  • remember who you truly are and why you are here,
  • move from pain to passion and problem to possibility, 
  • live your life your way and on purpose!
  • create positive energy flow in your life and your business,
  • clear emotional blocks and negative subconscious programming,
  • see your genius and step into another level of your potential,
  • have more money, more joy, more freedom, more love, flowing into your life,
  • have the success your heart is yearning for.

I run inspirational events – The Business Lovers Conference and Business Love – London

I run transformational coaching programmes – The Irresistible Love-Based Business –  programme.

I write authentic Business Love Letters – from my heart to yours.

This is who I do it for! 

Are you an inspired business owner, whose passion is to help your people to look good, feel good, have more, be more, do more… and you want to make a difference in the world, make money and do that thing you love, then you are a my favourite people to work with. 

My most successful clients –

  • Understand the value of commitment.
  • Have a passion or calling to do something bigger than themselves
  • Want to make an impact with something special they have to share with the world.
  • Are ready to make the changes necessary to have the success they deserve.
  • Are willing to move from their fears to love and freedom.
  • Are open to go deep to discover what has been holding them back.
  • Are hungry to take the next step towards their most wanted desires.

Is this you? What does success mean to you? What’s stopping you from moving forward, that you can’t see right now? Maybe you would like to have a chat to see how I can help to answer some of your important questions – EMAIL ME  and let’s set something up!


This is their pain! 

Being a passionate business owner you love to make a difference with your work and your brilliant ideas. However there comes a time where you want to take your business to the next level of success and make a bigger impact. You may then encounter something that’s blocking you or stopping you from making any progress. You may or may not know exactly what it could be but it’s affecting your life or your business and it’s causing you to have –

  • Jen - Hastings0006Stress
  • Frustration
  • Overwhelm
  • Confusion
  • Negative self talk
  • Slow energy flow
  • Toxic money habits
  • Fears Doubts
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional hurt
  • Low productivity

Any of these issues and more, could be stopping you from being fully in your power, productive, confident, financially abundant and energetically vibrating on a high level to attract your true desires.

This is the solution!

Jen - London 0022Come and dance with me!

Expect total transformation from where you are now to where you want to be in your life and your business.

Bring me your challenges around any topic to do with your – 

Business – Relationships – Money – Health – Personal and Spiritual Growth. 

Together we will cause a Business SoulShift, align and bring everything back in flow with your – 

Come and work with me and I’ll empower you to become crystal clear on your –

VISION – Move away the fog around your business vision and claim the life, lifestyle and business that will allow you to thrive, share the gifts and talents that you were born to do and feel loved while you make a difference in the world.

MINDSET –  Shift your perceptions of belief any negative programming and clear any fear or doubt that may be holding you back from your amazing life.

SKILL SET – We look at your strengths and weaknesses and help you do more of what you love and eliminate the things you hate!

STRATEGY – You will have a clear strategy and framework that YOU design just the way YOU want it so you live and operate your life and business on your own terms.

ENERGY  –  Be in energetic flow and momentum to move through the ups and downs of business and keep going no matter what  – you will become unstoppable!


When we are done you will not be the same; there will be a transformation –

You will have a clear Vision of how you want your life and business to be.

You will be free of the main emotional blocks that are holding you back from flying.

You will be signing to yourself “Ain’t no stopping me now!”

You will be dancing to your own drum beat, doing what you love all day every day!

You will have confidence and courage to be authentic, own your story and share your Divine message with world.


You will have an Irresistible Love-Based business that will honour your life – support your lifestyle and celebrate your life purpose, while making the world a better place!


so many ways to help – with my –

  • “tell it like it is” writing, 
  • transformational coaching programmes,
  • engaging social media groups,
  • exciting motivational events and workshops, 
  • switched-on influential connections.  

Let me hold your hand! 

This is what you do now!Jen - Hastings0009

Are you feeling the love?  Are you inspired to work with me to help you up-level your game, and create a lifestyle and business that is a true expression of who you are and the way you want to live? Then it’s time to email me to connect and we can take the next step to your best life.   EMAIL ME and ask me about The Irresistible Love-Based Business  – VIP Coaching Programme


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We are here to do what we love, be fearless, be happy and free. You living your life your way! 


With Love – Together We Can.

Jennifer x

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