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Break The Routine for Success in 2018

Hello Superstar!   Hello BIG FAT SEXY 2018  - I Love you already!!!   Happy New Year! Yesterday we said goodbye to 2017 – It’s been good to me!   I've learned so much from my trials, tribulations and celebrations! I’ve grown and evolved. I’ve had encounters with some amazing, inspirational [...]

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The Art of Being Broken

Hello Superstar! When I’m working with singers, performers and musicians I find that they have the ability to naturally fully express their pain, emotions and the learning journey through their work. Which is such an incredible talent.  Resulting in some of the most beautiful and lasting pieces of work that touches [...]

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How to Move From Fear To Love and Change the World – Interview

Hello Inspired One! It's not often that I get to be interviewed as I'm the one usually asking the questions! I just love interviewing interesting, inspired people! I was really chuffed when my good friend and fellow Business Coach. Sam Dossa, asked me to be a guest on his new [...]

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Are You Living Your D.H.A.R.M.A. ?

Hello Superstar! Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means “purpose in life” and everyone is given this as a gift for being on the planet. It’s the ultimate reason why we are here. In order to be living our Dharma we must first discover our true self and our hearts desires. [...]

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Adversity to Celebrity Interview with Simone Vincenzi

Hello Superstar!  Sometimes life brings us challenges and it when you find the strength, clarity and creativity to overcome those challenges you realise that they came to you for a purpose. You can use what you learn to help solve people's problems, create a better life for yourself and for others, [...]

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How To Crush Negative Limiting Beliefs

Hello Superstar! Is your subconscious mind holding you back from having the success that desire? You know that you have something special you want to share with the world that you are passionate about. You know it will make a huge difference, touch people’s lives and you would love to earn [...]

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How to Attract Clients That Love You

Hello Business Lover! How do you get enough of the right clients and customers into your business? I say “the right clients” because the last thing you need is to have engagement with clients who don’t want to pay you or they are a challenge to work with because they don’t [...]

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Are You Burning and Learning?

Hello Superstar! We are at the back end of January 2017 already! I've been looking back at 2016 and reflecting on how different the start of this year is compared to the journey through the last one. I heard it said many times by many people over the last few weeks [...]

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My Thoughts On Trump Triumph!

Hello Superstar! It’s our time! Yesterday (9th November 2016) the world woke up in shock! Whether you were for or against the outcome of Donald Trump winning the election, the very fact that someone with no political experience and a negative fear based agenda, could become the President of the United [...]

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Britexit: Changing and Challenging Times

Hello Superstar! Changing and challenging times for us in the United Kingdom – with just over half of the countries voting to leave the European Union.  The government has abandoned what it has caused and the opposition are falling and crumbling as we speak.   Stirling is in free-fall – immigrants being [...]

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Business Love – London Launch

Hello Business Lover! It's here at last!  You may have noticed that I've been very quiet with my postings and Business Love Letters just lately.  Did you miss me?!  Well my friends, I've been working hard behind the scenes, learning new ideas, strategies and techniques, and improving my business to bring you the very best of [...]

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Hello Business Lover! I can’t believe that it’s already over a week since The Business Love Conference! My first ever one day event with guest speakers. It was an awesome experience!  I’m still on a high from all the comments and compliments by the attendees and the speakers. There was so [...]

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I’ve Been A Fraud! Please Forgive Me?

Hello Business Lovers! I’ve been a fraud! Please forgive me!  I had been holding back on you. I had not been allowing myself to give you all I have to give. For the past few years I had been feeling that something was missing from my work, and that something was [...]

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