Hello Superstar!

I’m so excited for you!

It’s your time – It’s time to step up!

20th March 2019 is going to be a most important special day in your evolution.

There is going to be a Full Moon and the Spring Equinox together at the same time ….

And it’s happening in 2019!The year of new beginnings. The beginning of a new 7 year cycle of the Earth’s energy. 

Plus, this is happening when Mercury is in retrograde phase. It’s a time to get really clear on who you are and why you are here.

That is what Mercury in retrograde is bringing at this time. For you to slow down a little and take time to reflect on your journey for the next few years –

Do you know where you are heading? Can you feel that energy?

Do you know why you are here? Can you feel the excitement?

Do you know who you are meant to serve? Can you feel the love?

This all means that this is an awesome time for you to be taking the opportunities that are opening up for you.

It’s time to step into your authenticity and be more of the Divine amazing being that you are.

I’ve recently spent a good deal of time as you may know, reflecting on my life on this planet and realising that for the longest time I was “trying to please”, looking for approval”, trying to make up for all the mistakes and losses that I had incurred; comparing myself to others and making myself feel small because everyone else seemed to have it all.

Once I got over my fear-based thinking and looked at all the amazing things that I had achieved and how I had manifested them, I realised that I had the power all along. I was manifesting my good AND my bad! Just by my thoughts and the emotions that I had generated to allow me to take the actions that got those results.

Nowadays I use my unique EFT process to quickly get myself out of any low-vibration emotions and get back to “love or above”, because I know that whatever I’m thinking and feeling at the moment will manifest itself into reality very soon.

And what I want for the world, going forward -is for us all to be in a state of Unconditional Love for each other and the planet. I know that as business owners more and more of us are seeking to align our business ambitions with our spirituality and higher consciousness. We know that something has to change otherwise there will be more and more suffering and pain in this 3D world. 

Right now it’s time to make some changes!

If you were hiding your light – now is the time to be bold!

If you were feeling that you are different and no-one understands you – now is the time to connect with us weirdos who are finding each other!

If you were feeling small and poor – now is the time to big-up and accept your abundance!

It’s time to shift from that fear-based place that wants to keep you in bondage and move into your authentic self, that wants to belong, to be loved and be free –

Free to live life on your own terms!

Free to have the business you love – sharing your genius!

Free to shine your light into the world!


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With Love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x

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