Hello Business Lover! 

Don’t leave it too late to find out just how amazing you truly are. Time strides on relentlessly and we cannot turn it back.

Taking a break from my thoughts of business, it dawned on me this morning that we human beings are amazing. And yet we spend most of our existence thinking we have somewhere to get to before we can allow ourselves to just be who we already are.

Whether we like it or not we are all on a journey of self discovery.  Some of us may start of on the path with no confidence, lack of self esteem and maybe the belief that we aren’t even entitled to what we may want. Over time you learn and you grow. You start to discover that you are evolving and becoming this wonderful person. You will at some point get to realise that you are truly amazing!

I’d like you to take on a new thought.

Why wait until sometime in the future?
Why not just accept that you are amazing right here and now ?!!

Save all that time you would have spent on that painful learning curve, being negative and resisting the changes. Use that valuable time instead doing what you love, appreciating yourself for who you are and making the difference that you were born to make – right now!

Just think of all the people you could be helping or all the great things you could be achieving – right now!
How long are you going to make your people wait for you to step up and know you are great – right now!

I can just hear you saying ‘well it’s not that easy ‘ or ‘ I don’t know how’…….

Here is something that might be useful; a little exercise for clearing your negative mindset about yourself, quickly with very little effort.

Sit quietly and comfortably.
Listen to your heart beating.
Breathe slowly and deeply.

Then when you are ready – in your mind’s eye imagine yourself standing in front of you.
Imagine the best ‘you’ there could ever be.
Get as clear a picture as you can.

Take note of what the ‘new best you’ is wearing. Are you wearing designer clothes or comfortable casuals? Your hair is beautiful. Skin is clear. You stand tall and confident. You’re feeling great! You are looking great!
What can you smell, what you can feel, taste and touch?
Take note of all these things.

Then as you keep breathing – step inside the ‘new you’.

Take it in like you would breathe in air. Really become the new amazing you.
Now see everything that the ‘new you’ would see – become this confident ‘new you’!
Really enjoy it and when you are ready listen again to your breathing and slowly open your eyes. How does it feel?

Take that feeling and knowing with you because it is the real you. You have created this beautiful new person from deep within you. You become what you think.

It is a well known fact that the mind does not recognise the difference between what real and what is false. It takes on whatever you tell it.
If you are told often enough that you are stupid you begin to act stupid. Or if you tell yourself that you can’t do something then guess what? Your mind believes you.

With this exercise you now have a new tool to help you cut short the time it would take to get to the destination of your amazing self.

So practice every day and stop wasting your valuable gift of time and just know that you are amazing – right now!

If you would like some help with this exercise why not request a Business Love -Discovery Session.

Speak soon.

With love,

Together -We Can!

Jennifer x

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